Table Top Accessories

The Vault is Open

There is so many things that can be used to help make an immersive game that go beyond miniatures. Here you can find a collection of articles related to accessories and RPG gear. I, GM Wolfsfox, am a huge and proud dice goblin. There are also other hidden tools of the trade that I stash in my vault for immersive in person gaming.


Dice Goblin

I am what is known as a Dice Goblin, and am at currently 150 sets.

Regular dice: 112

From: Die Hard Dice, Foam Brain Games, D20 Collective, Chessex, Gamers Den, Little Dragon Corp, Skald of Shenanigans, Roll 4 Initiative,

-4 sets dedicated or came specifically for Call of Cthulhu and will not be used for other ttrpgs

-1 Vox Machina Kickstarter Dice Set

-1 Game Science DM set of dice

-1 Witchlight Carnival Official Dice set

-1 Sophie's Lucky Dice set from Reaper

Kraken Dice: 22 sets including 2 UV shift dice

Lab dice from Chessex: 3

Metal dice: 2 from Die Hard Dice

1 Gem dice from Norse Foundry - Kept in a URWizards dice vault

Mini Dice: 2 from Foam Brain


D20 eye from Kraken, Foam Brain Dice glow in the dark Halloween mystery d20, Stone d6, Pink barbarian, d12 sets, LARGE green d20, 3 sets of d6s only

Dice Based Articles

The Goodies in the Fox's Hoard

GM Coin

This was a gift from one of my players. The enameled coin has two sides to help decide in those moments whether or not you should be a merciful DM or not.

Dragon & Dice Mug

This mug has been deemed my GM mug. The stainless steel cup in the middle comes out for easy cleaning. It's important to stay hydrated behind the screen.

Dice Candles

I love having candles going during gaming to bring some ambiance. I have a variety of colors and brands to help satisfy my candle needs. I go through a lot of these bad boys with so many bi weekly games.

TTRPG Themed Bags

GI love these clip bags that can go onto a belt loop, purse strap, lap top bags, etc. As a GM I travel a lot to my players houses so its nice to have these to store dice, accessories, pencils, and other portable items in.


This timer has three different times on each of the sides. I love to flip them for puzzles, to urge players to make a decision before consequences happen, to time between guard rotations and to make my players panic.

Oversized Dice

Have children that you don't trust with small dice? Have players who fudge rolls? Big dice to the rescue. The Black ones are soft foam that can be rolled for easy viewing or tossed at players not paying attention. Need a decider d20? How about the hard green d20 that makes the satisfying thunk.

Condition Rings

These were an amazing gift from one of my players. They came all black but my player graciously color coated the different conditions and concentrations and spells for easy usage. They fit great around miniatures and have been a great reminder (especially the concentration ring).

Spell Templates

These were also a gift from one of my players. I love these because there is no longer the question of "Does my spell reach?" These were 3D printed to have the variety of AOE and spell ranges.

Counting Chips... Encounter Chips

I got these from the dollar store and use them as miniatures. Have a big battle? I use these chips to color code the attacking enemies from the helping npcs. They are dry erase capable so I can number them for players to give me a color and number to know which one is being attacked.