Kraken Click-Clacks

Posted 12/4/20

Under the California Ocean Lives a Kraken...

Once upon a time Facebook created a monster by giving me options of what dice sites it thought that I should look at. One of these sites was Kraken Dice and I was drawn to their website like a moth to the flames. My first set that I ordered from them was "Gummi Blood Orange" because they are fox colored and they turned out to be a reliable dice set. In that order I used their 1st order Free Random Kraken Original Dice set, and got a nice grey set that I gifted to my DM Bork. My dice set came with a nice dice bag and as much as I didn't think I needed a d2, I do enjoy having it. I love that the sets have 4d6's and come ready for advantage with 2d20's; the more dice that I can make roll down my dice tower the better. There is such a great selection of colors to pick from and sometimes get a good chuckle at what names they are giving their dice selections: check out their "Shattered Theorem," Halloween seriese or their drink titled dice (such as Midori Sour or Rum with a View).

Black Friday

During their 2020 Black Friday sale the Goblin Fox took over and enjoyed ordering, twice, to expand my Kraken Dice horizon (along with purchasing a few more sets for my dear DM Bork). A majority of their shop was on sale for a good bargain: 14 piece sets for $14 instead of $20 and a lot of other sets were at a $5 discount. Depending on how much you spend you also got mystery dice added to the bag; from random d20's in their regular and large sizes top full mystery sets. Kraken dice can be pretty spendy but I have seen this shop have great deals that end up being 60-70% off sometimes; such as what happened with the Black Friday sales.

Part of the Black Friday hoard: All the pink d12's were from one of their mystery packs and has inspired a Barbie-barian character concept.

The Site

I really enjoy some of the features that Kraken presents on its website such as when you look at the dice features for each set they tell you the dice size with a clean chart, the material type and what mold they use.

On some of the sets you can find "Collector Details" that let you know additional information such as the release date, the number of sets produced and the rarity of the dice.

Kraken Dice even has videos on some of their dice sets as well. There is a variety of options to choose from as well. They also sell RAW sets for those who would like to finish and ink their own dice. Liquid Core dice, aluminum d20's (that go up to 75mm in size) and new originals have also been added to their store with a bunch of clever dice set names to tickle your fancy.

"Mystic Shaman"

The pictures are very good on the Kraken website. To show this on the left is my set of the "Mystic Shaman" series that Kraken Dice released 3/5/20 that I took using my phone camera (no filters are used in my pictures). On the right is the promo picture and some of the information taken from their website at: As you can see the coloration was on point and the swirl type pattern was accurate.


I give Kraken a solid 10/10 and proudly show off the Kraken stickers that now reside on my dm laptop. I have ordered from Kraken Dice on three separate occasions. Each time I have been pleased with the dice, the extra goodies that were surprises in the bag and the over all quality of the experience. Even the B grade dice that I received was in better than expected condition. Customer service has been great, all my orders have shipped next day, everything has been to my pretty well to my satisfaction and the dice themselves are very nice. As one of my players has stated "These are fancy af." Yes, yes they are; and a nice addition to have to any goblin dice hoard. The only downside is the price. I do believe that they are quality dice and are worth their cost; but I know that not everyone is able to spend that amount of money for shiny math rocks. For the money cautious I would say try getting a set during one of their sales to see if you fall in love with Kraken Dice as I did.

"Harvest Moon" vs. "Gummi Blood Orange"

Dice Mail

"Purple Reins," "Sky Bridle" and the mystery B grade Dice set are some more of the Black Friday dice mail I received.

Goldilocks of Dice

I absolutely love the three sizes of D20's. The middle two dice in the photo are the standard size (22 mm). The top two (showing 16 and 6) are their 30 mm size and the smallest (showing 19) is their adorable 15mm size.

Some More my Kraken Hoard:

"Crimson Midnight"


"Copper River"

Out of all the sets I have received for myself this was the only set that had a "flaw." As you can see, the d2 had a bit of ink missing but it wasn't something that hurt the playability of the dice.