The Bookshelf

In this section of the Dungeon Fox Chronicles blog you will find what has been on the Fox’s book shelf that may be TTRPG inspired or in the realms of fantasy. Some of these are GM manuals while some are just for fun books that I read in my “free time.” Some of them may be silly books that I found amusing, have some lore reason, or just inspired me in some way. 

A grpahic novel about a middle school D&D club and about friendships. 

The official D&D Cookbook.  Created by Kyle Newman, Jon Peterson and Michael Witwer with recipes by Adam Ried  and photographs by Ray Katchatorian. 

These two books were created by Ivan Van Norman and Caleb Cleveland 

Introduction by Christopher Pasolini

Edition & Designer John Lind

Published by Kitchen Sink Books; an imprint of Dark Horse Comics

A look at Avatar: The Last Airbender (The Promise) by Bryan Konietzko  along with The Rise of Kyoshi & The Shadow of Kyoshi by F.C. Yee