The Dungeon: Table Top Gaming

The World of RPGs, Table Top Gaming and Importance of Friends

Gaming has been such a big part of my life, and has changed me for the better. Escaping into a fantasy world of adventure or horror makes coping with the real world easier. Whether it was playing in person, or now to the online switch with D&D Beyond with Roll20, gaming with friends is my weekly highlight. Below are some general advice that I as the Dungeon Fox have to give to others. You will also find links to some of the TTRPGs that have made it to my tables or I have reviewed for your pleasure. 

Steps to learning a TTRPG

Advice to new DM/GMs

Players Advice from the Fox

This is a collage of 4 photos. The top left is the picture of a lit fireplace. The top right is an image of the dm screen with character information charts hanging off of it. The bottom left is a dice tray full of dice of many colors. The bottom right picture is my Dm set up with the view of the dm screen, ipad, dm box with hitpoint counter and my glass of Apothic wine.


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