The Fox Behind the Dungeon Door 

7 piece dice set of acrylic dice, Galaxy colors of deep purples and reds with gold lettering. Sitting on top of a wood dice tray that has the dnd dragon ampersand wood burned onto the botom.

Who is GM Wolfsfox?

I (Gm Wolfsfox) started playing AD&D in 2010 and over the last decade evolved from player to a dungeon mistress of many. I started running games for Pathfinder 1e back in 2014 using the series "Council of Thieves." In December of 2015 I adopted a weekly 5e group in need of a Gm which turned my love for gaming into an obsession.

 Table top games is my passion. Dungeons and Dragons is the main game at the table, but I have a passion for Call of Cthulhu, and exploring other TTRPGs. Pathfinder 1E will always have a special place in my heart as it was the first TTRPG I ever ran. Now we have branched into many independent games as well.

I also love ttrpg inspired video games and you will find that there will be random games streamed from STEAM on the Twitch Channel

Dungeon Fox Chronicles in white letters on a grey and black diamond background. There are purple filigree designs swirling around. Hanging gold lanterns are on the right side with colored panes.
DFC logo. Purple circle with a orange D shaped with fox ears at the top and fox tail wrapping around the bottom in a deep purple circle. Grey background.

How to Connect

You can connect to Dungeon Fox Chronicles by sending an email to, like my Facebook page at Dungeon Fox Chronicles or follow on Instagram @dungeonfoxchronicles

You can also Tweet us @GmWolfsfox. Twitter has been where I have met so many great people in our great big #TTRPGFamily. There is also giveaways and daily interactions through the Twitter account. It is my most used social media for Dungeon Fox Chronicles.

If you like snail mail like I do you can write to us at:

Dungeon Fox Chronicles

P.O. Box 336

Cedar, MN 55011

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Thanks to You and Our Supporters

If you have followed, liked or interacted on our social medias, thank you for your support. I love our little TTRPG family and have been enjoying all of the support and conversations that have been happening. Every share and interaction brings joy to this fox's heart. When I started this blog Nov 2020 I never thought that anyone but me was going to be reading this and the amount of support and love from the TTRPG community has been heartwarming and has made me love TTRPG even more. 

Ko-Fi supporters 

Ko-fi has allowed generous viewers to give us a tip, all funds are used to support Dungeon Fox Chronicles. All tips go towards a specific review purchase goal or towards specific things to Dungeon Fox Chronicles.

Current Goal: Malleus Monstrorum: Cthulhu Mythos Bestiary.

 I am so excited to present:

 Thank you to Mchamm3r, Botticelli, Ryan, Prophet of Stars and Syrin380Auto for making our first goal happen. 

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Off Topic Articles From Your Fox

What's on the Table?

Tyranny of Dragons:

Bi weekly Tuesdays

Started July 2020

Shanties Through the Saltmarsh

Bi- weekly Wednesdays

Started  September 2021

Homebrew: The Rise of Lazarus

Weekend Warriors

Pathfinder 1e

Monthly 6-8 hour session

Started April 2022

Spell Jammer: Light of Xaryxis

a two man group between Bork & Mr. Meow

Started Nov 2022

Started Feb 2023

Finishing campaign 9/2023

Upcoming Community Games

Edge of Darkness -Call of Cthulhu

Starter Set Scenario #2

Coming late fall 2023

Past Community Games

Paper Chase Call of Cthulhu

Starter Set Scenario #1


Call of Cthulhu 7e: Dead Man Stomp

12/26/22 2-5 pm

Dave got to play his first game of Call of Cthulhu ever. They travel to 1920's Harlem.

Trash Pals Caltrop Core Game

Saturday July 2nd

written by Goth Hobbin

5/29 Community Game Stream

Level 3 Adventure for 5e 

written by Ashley Warren

Murder at the Three Swords Inn

*two rounds worth

Birthday for Barnaby

A 5e game started by a sad Reddit Story.

Past Conquests

Reign of Winter with Homebrew mix- Pathfinder 1e 

July  2017- Sept 2020

Storm Kings Thunder

Sept 2017- July 2020 

With my weekly  Tuesday D&D  group 

The Sunless Citadel 

Covid 2020

Alone Against the Flames

July 2019

Dragon of Icespire Peak

Bungeons and Bragons

Started May 2020

Council of Thieves

Pathfinder  1E

Started 2014

The Starter Set

Weekend Warriors (1-2 times a month)


Lost Mine of Phandelver 

Wizard Wednesdays


Sunday Shenanigans

Bi Weekly Sundays


Storm Kings Thunder

Bi Weekly Thursdays


Edge of Darkness

                November 2019

Paper Chase

November 2019

Homebrew 5E: Rise and Fall of Despayre


NWN Online: Harrowport Server

2011- 2020