Magic in Our Lives: What the Fox is going on with Wolfsfox

Published 3/21/21 Updated 1/7/23

Dungeons and Dragons along with other table top gaming is a huge part of Bork and my lives. There is no doubt that we enjoy our biweekly gaming schedules and other fantasy things that show up in our lives. Here is a peek into some of the the other things that bring us magic and sometimes takes time away from us and the world of table top gaming.

Historical Reenactment: Vikings

This has been the main culprit of late of why I haven't been able to give more time to the realm of D&D. Our reenactment group is getting ready for a big photo shoot on Saturday 3/27/21 where we get to go see some true Icelandic ponies and have our first social distanced meeting with the group in garb ever. We are very excited and my fingers are slightly sore from all the hand-stitching but I should have some fun photos to share with you next week.

What is it?

A close friend of ours started an historical reenactment group based on the Viking age. I have been enjoying my time doing research and creating some clothing pieces for Bork and I to wear. The picture above is some of the Viking bling that Bork and I have been purchasing/making to bring our Viking personas to life.

Lots of Hand Work

Bork and I created our own (mostly historical- need to change out the screws) shields. I have also been spending a lot of time hand stitching over the machine stiches of some of the clothing pieces we have purchased and attempting to hand stich my own Viking clothes form scratch.


LARP has been something that we absolutely love to do but rarely get a chance to partake in. There is no local and consistent group to fight with so a lot of our practice is sparing in the back yard. Once the plague is over we hope to find a better group to join so we can dust off our weapons and have a great LARP experience. All of our fighting pieces are from Calimacil.

Wolfsfox's go to

DM Wolfsfox is built like a dwarf and loves her war hammer. It is fun to use it as a two handed weapon but it is much slower to handle so using a shield to protect yourself is great.

Bork's go to

DM Bork is all about finesse. He fights extremely well with a rapier and dagger combo. DM Bork is built like an elf and is very flexible. His long arms and the rapier is a deadly combo as he has a great reach.

In the photo gallery above you can also spot two "wall weapons" that is Drizzt's swords Icingdeath and Twinkle that I got Bork for his birthday from Spirit Halloween. For the most part we share weapons equally and try to make sure that we are semi-proficient enough to pick up any of the weapons and be able to fight. We each have a bow as well. I have the lovely recurved bow and the long bow belongs to Bork. The two elven weapons were gifted to Wolfsfox for her her birthday by Bork and the celtic wolf axes are Bork's.

Video Gaming

Video games is a weekly escape that both Bork and I enjoy doing. We have a variety of friends that we enjoy playing games with as we take some time for ourselves to decompress. Fall Guys has been my recent go to to relax as the mini games and the funny costumes amuse me. Phasmaphobia has been the bane of my existence. Wolfsfox LOVES the concept of horror games and the idea of being spooked but horror games do not agree with the brain. We have been playing a lot of the spooky game but I can only play so much before I am in the trailer and just running items to the doors for the other members.

Castle Crashers, Vermintide and Sea of Thieves are the main three that we go back and forth on for our bi weekly video game group. Playing video games for fun is great, but it's even better when we can play with friends.

Renaissance Festival

Both Bork and I worked at the local Renaissance Festival for 9 years up to 2020. Every fall we are swept away in the weekends of the Ren Fest, enjoying our time in costume and seeing everyone. During Fest season all of our weekend D&D and Pathfinder sessions come to a hiatus as most everyone in those specific tables are also working at Festival. Not only do we get to exist in this fantasy realm but it is great to see some of our closest friends daily in this magical land as well. Bork does hand tooling on leather and has made a variety of leather pieces for him and I. If you would like to see some of Bork's leather work, including some D&D pieces, you can follow him on Instagram.

Thank you Amore Fotography and Events for my lovely photo. Check out her page for more pictures of our Fest and other lovely images.

Wax Sealing

Wax Sealing

During the year that wasn't I found it was extremely important to reach out to friends through snail mail. As a gift my sister in law got me a fox wax seal and that sent me down the rabbit hole of wax stamps and fountain pen letters. Over 2020 I sent out over 300 letters (don't have an exact amount) and I still continue to try and send out letters here and there. There is a great satisfaction in melting the wax, playing with color schemes and figuring out what stamp fits the person I am sending the letter to best. I have also been known to send quill written letters with wax seals to my players as invitations to campaigns. My favorite two stamps is my d20 and my fox. I plan on getting a specific Dungeon Fox Chronicles one in the future as well.


Bork and I met in high school through orchestra. We both played violin. He also plays mandolin, and we have a guitar that we putz around with occasionally too. We don't play as much as we used to but every once in a while we have a good jam session. Right now Sea Shanties have come strong into our lives, mostly thanks to the game Sea Of Thieves.