D fox logo- art designed by Lauren MattsonArticle published 1/7/23
Grainy D&D photo with the AD&D dungeon master screen. The  photo was taken looking behind the screen. Sabre River, an AD&D module is there on top of a green Celtic tapestry.

The Dungeon Fox story:

I (Wolfsfox) met Bork in high school orchestra. When we started dating in 2009, Bork introduced to me AD&D, coming my dungeon master as I joined his family’s game of Sabre River. At first I played a halfling rogue nick-named “Stubs” through the Sabre River module. After completing that module I was able create my first character- a half elf Druid. There was so much hope and freedom paging through Pop’s old (and sometimes duct-taped) manuals from the 80’s.

As I went off to collage fall of 2011 we only got a few weekend games in during the year (the longest being on New Years Eve) but I was introduced to the game Neverwinter Nights (Diamond Edition) where Bork and I frequently got to adventure and role play on a server called Harrowport. This is eventually how I got the name Wolfsfox. I was primarily a Druid with a fox tail and ears (role played as a shape shifting accident) and Bork played a wol-were character. Bork had been on the Harrowport server a long time prior to me joining so I was always introduced and known as the Wolf’s Fox. Eventually we both became GM staff on the server and spent many hundreds of hours on the server running events, playing with others and enjoying the story of our server before it went down.

My first ever gming experience was for Pathfinder 1E running the adventure series “The Council of Thieves.” This started the gming bug. As The Council of Thieves was so sporadic in scheduling, a second Pathfinder 1E campaign was started: Reign of Winter. Reign of Winter lasted 3 years and the characters successfully completed all the adventure modules along with many side quest adventures of my own.

Getting into 5e:

Bork was part of an online 5e Group and one evening him and his fellow players had a very bad experience with their DM making choices against the character’s wills and narrating things that PC’s would never choose to do themselves. It left a bad feeling for Bork and the group and three of them were going to quit. I offered to pick up that group and the next day I went out to buy my first ever 5e materials. That group met every Tuesday and expanded/changed into my biweekly Tuesday group that is still going today.

The pandemic didn’t change too much in my introverted life as Bork and I were “essential workers.” If anything we ended up working more at times and our games went from in person to online. Roll20 saw a lot more games of mine being created as gaming became an escape for many of our friends. The number of games I ran shot up as we had 2 different bi weekly Wednesday games, our usual Tuesday group and the creation of a Thursday group, on top of our monthly 6-10 hour game. I was also running one shots trying to fill the gaps of weekend hangouts and bring some cheer to our social group. My social battery quickly became drained and I felt pretty burnt out but I didn’t want to disappoint my friends. After a while it was decided to be in everyone’s interest to go biweekly and helped me run all the groups. Now that life has become “normalized” again we are still doing most of our games online and tables shifted again for us to have 3 campaigns that are still going (Tuesday, Wednesday and the Monthly Sat games).

The Blog:

The creation of the blog started at the suggestion of one of my Tuesday players and long time friends. I always have too many ideas and thoughts in my head and for my small friend groups I am the forever dm. Dungeon Fox Chronicles started as a small way to share stories about what was happening at my tables and expanded into my exploration (and reviews) of other ttrpgs. Now we have branched out into many different ttprgs from both large publishers and independent creators. The discovery of itch.io has lead to many delightful hours of games. We learned Caltrop Core games, explored into our first sci fi genres and fell in love with Call of Cthulhu.

Staring the blog also lead to the creation of our social media accounts and even brought us to Twitch and the title of Twitch Affiliate. Now I get to bring TTRPG to your screen in blog articles and online game form.

Thank you for coming along on this adventure!