The ABC's of Dungeon Fox Chronicles

Updated 1/7/2023

800 Followers on Twitter!!!!

I can't believe that we have made it to 800 followers on our Twitter account. As a celebration here are some ABC's about Dungeon Fox Chronicles and me, your foxy Dungeon Mistress. Each milestone has been so humbling that so many people enjoy chatting ttrpg with me and that this little blog of mine has so much support. Thank you to you and everyone in the community who helped me get here.

    • Artist I am not. My amazing Fox shaped D logo was done by the amazing @lmatson. For some of my terrible hand drawn mimic art you would have to dive into the depths of the Instagram account.

    • @Borkdm is my husband of 5 years (though we’ve been together for 12 years this December). He’s the reason I got into TTRPG.

    • Call of Cthulhu is my absolute favorite TTRPG (so far). It makes my historian heart very happy and I like messing with players' sanity.

    • D&D 5e is my most played game. I am currently running 5 different 5e games.

    • Every day I try to write at least one thing for ttrpg- whether it’s something for the blog, going through twitter and engaging with ttrpg folks, or Gm prep for my gaming weeks.

    • Fox is my favorite animal. I’m a Fennec Fox when on caffeine, Dark Red Fox normally, Gold Cross fox for Spooky Season, and Bat-Eared Fox when angry.

    • Gaming has always been a big part of my life. I started at age 3 with the original Nintendo and then progressed into video games. I didn’t start tabletop games until 11th grade but that is where the true passion of gaming has blossomed. Once I got into college and STEAM was a thing that was the end of free time as we know it XD.

    • Harshnag is my favorite NPC of all time. I modified him a bit but he is from the Storm Kings Thunder campaign. I enjoyed the connections the players made with him and he became a character that the party insisted stay with them (I tried killing him off and one of the players self sacrificed to save him).

    • Improv is something that I would love to take classes on. As a GM I have learned that players will ALWAYS stray from the typed path and I have learned that I love those moments the best, but sometimes the fox brain has trouble computing. I am a “write more than you need’ prep DM and over the years improv is something that I am starting to slowly develop.

    • Jackalopes were my first “mythic” creature I encountered as a child. My uncle had a stuffed “Jackalope” head in his basement which got creative juices going.

    • Krakens are my favorite sea monsters. Tentacles are great, bite is nuts, and I love lightning storm. I also like to homebrew with different colored Krakens and maybe instead of lighting storm it does poison for green, necrotic bolts for a black undead Kraken, etc.

    • Lycanthropy is something I like to put into my horror/occult campaigns. The risk of players getting it, the variety of creatures that can have it fascinates me and I love the different customizations.

    • MN is where Bork and I are from. Fall is my favorite MN season. I am not a fan of the extreme weather changes that the state sees over the year but it is home.

    • Neutral is usually my alignment for characters I play. I feel like I have a chaotic neutral Gm style.

    • Oddities- I like to give players harmless little magical oddities when searching through bodies. They want their detect magic to pop up in their searches but I don’t feel like it's a good thing to just fill adventurer pockets with non stop loot. I like to give them oddities that are rp flavor only (jade frog of toad friendship, whistle that makes bird sounds and calls 1d4 of that bird species to them, necklace with 5ft low light).

    • Pathfinder 1e was the first ttrpg I ever dm’d for. I ran a group of Bork’s family members through the first book of Council of Thieves. My favorite part was making them do the acting lines of the Play.

    • Quest quests and more quests. I love creating side quests that focus on character arcs, or quests that take players on crazy little adventures that they enjoy that sometimes are done just for enjoyment’s sake.

    • Roses are my favorite flower and my middle name. I like the smell, the variety of colors and how crazy big some of the blooms can get.

    • Streaming is a relatively new concept to me, especially with how introverted I am. We started a D&D live stream that I’ve enjoyed DMing for but I occasionally stream STEAM games with @teameffortgames or @borkDm on Twitch as well.

    • Teaching Pre K kids is my day job. I love using D&D as a bribe. I prefer my younger students to the high schoolers/middle schoolers I used to teach.

    • U- umbrellas. I have a lot of umbrellas. My favorite is my Eevee evolutions umbrella and I also have a pretty stained glass dragonfly one. I get sunburn really easily so I also have a patchwork parasol and a Black & Red lace parasol for my goth days.

    • Violin is the instrument that I play. @BorkDm and I met in high school orchestra. I went on to college still playing, and got to travel to South Africa with the orchestra. Now my violin mostly lives in the case but comes out occasionally for sea shanties and light fiddling.

    • Wolfsfox is my username because it used to be GM Fox and my sweet husband was GM Wolf. I was Wolf’s fox for years as our characters on NWN; that was how players met me for years before I eventually grew to GM Fox status. Wolves and Foxes are my favorite animals.

    • X- X for Fox? We know that I don’t like having my face out there but if I were to ever get a character done for my Gm look I am a demon horned fox. My GM walk up song is “Horns” By Bryce Fox.

    • Year one has been really crazy for DFC. We are coming up to the one year mark of the blog in November. Twitter definitely expanded my horizons as I now have met so many amazing ttrpg creators, fans and the community. Not only have I seen more ttrpg (that goes beyond the official big publishers) I also have learned a lot as a dm and purveyor of TTRPG.

    • Ziz and Yikkum- A two headed Ettin NPC that ended up following my first ever 5e party around. The ettin was a random encounter, one head got charmed by the bard and the other head was given shinnies and ended up being the party’s muscle for a bit. Each head a unique personality and they even came back for the last big battle.


1- Year anniversary of Dungeon Fox Chronicles is this November

2- Number of people working on the blog. Wolfsfox (me) is the lone writer and Bork is my editor when I need grammar help.

3- Number of TTRPG types I currently run.

4- Age of my youngest players

5- number of current D&D games I run on a biweekly/monthly routine