Avatar series

Why the Avatar Series?

Knowing that the Avatar Legends the RPG will be coming out I decided to look into some different books to help shape up my lore and learn some more that happened off screen for the Avatar world. These were books that I checked out from the local library. I was a great fan of the Nickelodeon shows, both Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra but I know it will not be enough information to run all of the possible games that come with Avatar Legends the RPG with the ages that come before both of those shows. I think I am most excited for the adventure module that comes during Kyoshi's time but unfortunately for show lovers that is the one era that has some of the least information shown. I also wanted to research more information for the time with Aang as Avatar as that was one of our family's favorites. Here are some book reviews with some texts that you may want to look into yourself if you too backed the Avatar Legends ttrpg game and are looking for more source material or if you just enjoy the Avatar series. Overall I enjoyed the books, they were quick easy reads. They are definitely geared towards a younger reading audience than I am but I did find some information about the Avatar universe that will help with the ttrpg in the future.

Avatar: The Last Airbender- The Promise (2012) by Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino

This book, published by Dark Horse Comics. gives a brief look into what happens soon after Zuko takes over as fire lord and explores the conflict of fire nation colonies being in the earth nation and the identity struggle of feeling the belonging to both through the struggles of a colony named Yu Dao. It also gives a brief glimpse at Toph’s first metal benders. There is also a little more on Avatar Roku and how he’s connected to Zuko. The Promise also has a Sketchbook also has some cool art concept pieces as well.

This book would be good for those looking to run an Avatar ttrpg during Aang's time or want to know a bit more about Roku.

The Kyoshi Novels- Book 1: The Rise of Kyoshi and Book 2: The Shadow of Kyoshi Written by F.C. Yee and Michael Dante Dimartino

Published by ABRAMS

As someone who is used to the more visual style of books when it comes to the Avatar series, I was happy to find more of a chapter book style book. They are simple chapter books, with a darker children's story inside. Both books are under Young Adult Fiction with a Text Difficulty of 4-5 (Lexile Measure 840)

I found that these books hold vital information as the show Avatar does not go through a lot of Kyoshi’s time, and knowing that the new Avatar RPG has a whole era dedicated to Kyoshi this information I hope will bring some insight into what can go into future game play.

In Rise of Kyoshi you learn more about Yokohama Port and the Whaletail Straight. It follows Jianzhu as they try to find the new Avatar and then switches to Kyoshi as she befriends the “Avatar Yun” and lives in the house. After singing a past Avtar’s song to some of the Avatar’s staff the shift of who is Avatar turns to Kyoshi. Kyoshi is asked by Yun to go on a mission to make peace with The Fifth Nation and the book covers that story and Kyoshi’s rise to avatar with her friend Rangi. This book had lots of different turns that showed how different Kyoshi’s change into Avatar was.

The Shadow of Kyoshi starts with a prologue with Yun’s perspective of something that started in Rise of Kyoshi. This story proves that Kyoshi is not your typical avatar and has Rangi and Jinpa trying to help Kyoshi. Yun is haunting our new avatar and Kyoshi has her first appearance in the fire nation. Kyoshi has some problems at that first meeting of the Fire Lord Zoryu and this book follows that story as she deals with the chaos of the Fire Nation. We also get to know a bit more about Avatar Kyurik.