Deck of Stories

Jungle Deck

This deck of 18 cards (playing card sized) each features a different prompt to help build the stories in your campaign. This particular deck is based on a Jungle theme. I was lucky enough to win this deck set from 1985 Game's Instagram giveaway. I enjoyed the gift so much I wanted to write my thoughts about it.

The top half of the card gives a Jungle prompt but the bottom half has “next steps” with questions to help further develop the ideas and side quests on each of the cards. The cards are nice quality and are pretty durable. Each card can be used individually or you can pull two or three to make an entire mini series of encounters/story arc with the ideas presented here. As a DM I found that I really enjoyed these cards and found them useful, jotting down ideas that came to me from some of the cards. I do feel that some prep work may need to go into using these cards (like there are no encounter stats) but it definitely helped spark some DM creativity.

The cards at the top have a O-R-C at the top to let you know if the card prompts an opening action, rising action or climatic action. I liked that there was such a wide variety of prompts and ideas in the one generalized theme. I also like that roleplay and creative aspects were present; I like options that are not just hack and slash.

My Favorite cards from the Jungle set: 4, 8 &11. Card 3 can be used for one of my Call of Cthulhu games as well.

I was lucky enough to win this card set from an Instagram giveaway from 1985 games. You can purchase your own set from There you can get Volume 1 & 2 of stories and other boosters and other great TTRPG items. 1985 Games also has products available for purchase on Roll20 Marketplace as well. There is also more than just the Jungle theme as well!

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