Stat Tracker

Stat Tracker Goodies

I recently went to the friendly local game store, The Gamers Den, and was able to pick up three new handy things to help keep track of thing behind the Dungeon Master Screen. I picked up these three things with the purpose of helping me run the D&D games in my classroom. The internet is usually spotty and I don't always have access to D&D Beyond. I got the character and monster trackers so I would have all the information I need to run a smooth game for the kiddos in case the internet failed me (like it has before). I would like to point out that accessories are not needed to play or enjoy table top games, but I do occasionally get different things to help keep track of stuff. These here are convenience pieces to help replicate a PC character sheet and monster manual stat block while also working as initiative trackers over the edge of my DM screen.

Hit Point Tracker

This nice pad contains 50 sheets with bubbles that you can use to track the hit points of monsters and characters alike. I usually use a notebook to keep track of the math but it is much easier to fill in the bubbles (which come in lines of 5 for easy math) than have to drag out a calculator for big battles.

Monster Trackers

These sheets allow you to put in the important information that you need to run a creature through an encounter. It holds ac, hp, speed, attacks/abilities and any personal notes you would like to make about a creature beyond their stats.

Character Trackers

These are handy little versions of a Pc's character sheet. You can see skills, passives and all the stats you may need for that character. It also has the space for spell dc, attack bonuses and the hit points for your players.

Thoughts from the Fox

The things I like most about the Monster and Character trackers is the top parts fold over and stay at the top of your DM screen to help your players know initiative order. There is also different art work on the folded part that lets you know the difference between the monster and player cards. The only thing I wish there was is lines on the character trackers so languages or special notes (such as dark vision) could be noted. There is about an inch of empty space there but lines would have helped keep that space in a neater fashion.

I like that the paper is a heavier card stock that makes it relatively durable and easy to transport in bags to your games. Even the full stacks of the papers are not very big and can fit in the top pocket of my laptop case. The character trackers made it really easy to have all the information I might need to know about my players. Having the skills there made it easier for me as a Dm to suggest certain rolls that they may have success at or give warning if I know that their Dex check might end in tragedy.

Do you want your own? Check out your local friendly game shop otherwise you can order your own from the Top Dog Games website.