Published 12/31/22
The second cover of the book which is titled "Sci fi Bollocks." The background is a dark purple with stars to represent space. The cover features a light purple planet blowing up to reveal yellow emerging from the cracks of the breaking planet.

What is Weirdspace?

Weirdspace is a space themed ttrpg written by Paul Cat. This TTRPG runs using ten (d10) and six (d6) sided dice. It is recommended to be played with a group of 5-6 players and as the author states you need a weird sense of humor as "this game has a darkly comic edge to it and was never meant to be taken seriously" (pg. 4 Core Rule Book). I very much enjoyed reading through the different Weirdspace pieces and getting the laid back chaotic vibes that is this game. As stated, even in the note from the author, this system's Core Rule book has a variety of pop-fiction references, mentions of drug and alcohol use, violence (even against your own party members) and other elements that are not mainstream in the sci-fi genre so I feel like their nick name for the system "Sci-Fi Bollocks," is a great and accurate title but know that this system isn't your typical game. If you like having fun with friends, like exploring and causing havoc as you go, this game may be for you.

The Pieces of Weirdspace

When you get the Core Rule book on Drive Thru RPG you get a fillable PDF of the character sheet as well along with two pdf copies of the Core Rule Book (one with bookmarks on the side and one without), and four Weirdspace wall papers. If you are wanting to get a feel for Weirdspace on your own without committing to the full Core Rule Book there is also a Quick Start Guide that has some of the basics you need to know to play. When you purchase Weirdspace- The Starship Ganso you will receive a pdf about the spaceship and its information along with a 3D model of the ship in a stl file. I really love that you get a 3D model to go with your Ganso ship.

Page Break Down

The Core Rule Book- 256 pgs

Quick Start Guide- 58 pgs

World Sneak Peek- 31 pgs

Starship Ganso- 9 pgs

Core Rule Book

A copy of the table of contents.

General Overview

The Core Rule Book is an impressive 256 page document filled with all you need to run a Weirdspace game. When I got the Core Rule book from Drive Thru RPG, there were two pdf books. I really recommend the Core Rule Book pdf that has the bookmarks on the side for an easier navigation. The bookmarks were not in order in some cases but it was still helpful to click on a bookmark and make it to the section you were looking for. You will find a table of contents on page five stating what is inside the book and in which order, but there is no page numbers behind it hence why I recommend the bookmarked pdf.

The idea of Weirdspace TTRPG is an open world space themed sandbox where there are some main planets that are featured in the Core Rule book (and more to come in the World Sneak Peek book) and then the rest is up to the exploration of the party and the GM. The GM is the Game Master, also known as the “Guy/Gal who Makes it up as they go along.”

Weirdspace is played by using percentiles. It is stated that “rolling 00 on 2 d10s is a zero not 100” and to not argue. In the game anything rolled 00 - 05% is considered a critical success and always a pass while on the opposite end of the spectrum 95-100% is a critical failure and always a failure. The GM of course can use discretion for rolls due to circumstances and conditions players are going through.

Core Rule Book- The Game Explained

The core rule book has two covers titled “Weird Space” and “Sci-fi Bollocks” respectively. The first page with text (pg 3) is a special thanks page to the play testers and artists. What makes this dedication page so unique is the fact each person has a quote behind them from when they were playing the game. These quotations brought some excitement to this TTRPG just by the strange and fascinating insight into the games of what other people got out of this TTRPG. My favorite quotations include Brian’s statement about Russian roulette and Vicky’s about a fish. I appreciate this section because it shares some of the joy and entertainment that others found in this game.

The Core Rule Book has been put into 7 categorized sections with the rules and mechanics first followed by character creation. The seven sections are:

  1. The Special Thanks and Playtesters (which got me interested in the game)

  2. The Games Explained and Mechanics (broken into rules such as “shooting things, blowing things up, setting fire to things” which was great marketing to me)

  3. Character Creation and Improvement

  4. Character Stuff, Weapons, & Equipment

  5. The Garage, Vehicle Parts, & Upgrades

  6. The World of Weirdspace (with 12 fleshed out areas)

  7. The Gm Section at the back of the Book

On page 6 I feel like author Paul Cat does well at explaining that “The main idea behind that system was that I didn’t want to run a story based game… I’m a big sci-fi fan, and wanted to go off and explore the whole universe!” (CRB pg 6). The concept is that “the universe does not revolve around the player characters, they are not all-important in the story, and they are VERY disposable” (CRB 6). This is a fascinating type of game play for a ttrpg. Cosmic and world events happen whether a PC is there or not, just like world events happen in real life regardless of our personal actions. The GM can provide quests, universal events and choices but it is ultimately up to the players to decide what they want to do. Weird Space is very much an anti-railroading system. It is also a game of action; food, sleep, daily necessities are just assumed to happen “off screen/table” to not slow down the game.

I get a kick out of the fact the Core Rule Book also encourages bribery of the GM, as Paul Cat wrote in booze and snack foods as ways to get what you want in game. Pass over some cream cheese wontons to me behind the GM screen and watch the mood turn in more in your favor. This chaotic space game is for friends who want to get together and have a good time while playing in space without taking themselves too seriously. Weirdspace will not be a ttrpg for everyone as this game feeds chaos and the breaking of rules/space but for those not afraid to jump off the deep end and wander through space wanting to just have a good time with friends read on.

Image is a copy of the character sheet for Weird Space

Let’s Chat about Characters

There are twelve stats in Weirdspace. These are broken into the 3 categories of Physical, Mental and the Social stats. Each stat is labeled with 2 letters on the character sheet to state what they are. At the beginning this was confusing to look at the character sheets and just see letters and not know what they were at first glance but after learning what they stood for, it made a bit more sense. I will admit I needed a cheat sheet (post it note) to remind me what some of them meant. Both the Core Rulebook and the Quick Start Guide (discussed below) have the meanings of the letters and more details on the stats shown on the character sheet.

Physical stats include:

  • CC Close Combat and Hand Eye Coordination

  • RC Ranged Combat

  • ST Strength (Carry and Punch abilities)

  • TN Toughness (How much damage you can take)

Physical stats include:

  • CC Close Combat and Hand Eye Coordination

  • RC Ranged Combat

  • ST Strength (Carry and Punch abilities)

  • TN Toughness (How much damage you can take)

Mental Stats include

  • IN Initiative (Speed of Mind)

  • WP Willpower (Self-Control)

  • IQ Intelligence (Puzzle and Solving abilities)

  • NV Nerve (How easy you scare)

Social Stats include

  • Perception (spot)

  • Intimidation (your daunting level)

  • Charisma (talking, bluffing, sociable)

  • Seduction (nerve)

Game Rules

The rules for this game system starts on page 8 and armed with the Core Rulebook and a bunch of d10’s (it’s a percentile system) you’ll be ready to rock. When the PCs want to do anything they will roll percentiles and see if a stat or skill they have on their character sheet will allow them to do that thing. As a Call of Cthulhu ttrpg fan I really like the use of percentiles. Something I like about Weirdspace that C.O.C. doesn't have is everyone has a 5% chance (a critical success roll) to still be able to pull something off even in skills that the PC may not have. As a DM I love giving players that once in a lifetime chance that their chaos idea will work. Another thing I appreciate is that the rule book specifies that double 0 is not 100%, that 0-99% are the numbers that can be rolled in the dice. As someone who has had people at the table argue what the dice mean it is nice to have it written in the rule book what the game maker intends it to be. It also reminds that anything rolled above a 95% is a critical failure anyway and likewise 0-5% always pass. The rolling of percentile dice will determine the outcome of everything you do. Many of the rules in the Core Rule Book will tell you what things apply to your percentiles (such as aiming gives you an extra 10% to the hit roll) so it’s important to know what bonuses you have.

Readability wise, each of the rules have a bolded title which makes it easy to find what you’re looking for when paging through to find specific information. In section 1: Game rules (pgs 8-12) you will find all the rules on how to shoot stuff, the damage rolls for different weapons (such as flamethrowers and grenades). The rules are pretty straight forward and written in a way that is easy to understand with language similar to that used like a friend talking to you. I also like the combat moves have already been separated for you in the rules section by standard vs. vehicle combat. The more technical rules also have examples to give a practical look at how it looks while playing in the game. The best surprise that I enjoyed as a DM is that page 10 even has a blank section for you to write in your own house rules and corrections.

Character Creation

The character sheet for Weird Space is one page and can be found on page 15 of the rule book. It’s pretty clean with all your stats at the top sorted out by physical, mental and social stats. I will admit when I first saw the sheet I was a little confused as many of the pieces are abbreviated to 2 letters but on the following page each of the abbreviations along with everything else you may find on the character sheet is given a better break down.

This is a chart that shows the differences between the youths and adults in this game. Youths: zero experience points, young and raw, start with 1-2 skills, light flaws, progressing up from first few levels happens quickly, 500% pool for character creation with an average of 41% to start (with start spelt incorrectly). Adults: Slightly older characters, starts tougher and more experienced, misses out on some of the quicker advancements that juvenile characters experience, start with more colorful backgrounds, 600% pool for character creation (average of 50% a stat).

Unlike many ttrpgs where you roll stats, your age is the first thing that you need to pick for your character. Based on if you chose youth or adult, the way your character is made varies slightly. At character creation (pg 13), the stats on your character sheets get an amount of percentage points that can be distributed between the 12 stat options. Part of the Weirdspace concept is that for every good there should also be a flaw. The main thing to keep in mind when writing in your numbers is that a low number is more difficult to roll and those that have zeros are nasty results where there is no chance of success.

The way you make your stats in Weirdspace is you assign numbers to the 12 stats on your character sheet by taking points out your assigned age’s percentage pool. A youth has a pool of 500% (500 points) as adults have 600%. What does that mean? You take from your over all pool to point points into the stats as you see fit for your character. An example would be 50% Closed Combat. This means that the character has a 50% chance to successfully doing a task using the Close Combat stat. You don’t need to allocate your % equally either, maybe you want your willpower to be 80%, you will just have a stat elsewhere that is lower. It should be noted that the play testers of Weirdspace preferred youths as a starting point, but note that your character can last a lot longer as an adult.

So what can I do with this character I built?

The answer, is a lot. What ever crazy space chaos or crimes you wish to commit can be done. Damage is quite a unique mechanic where there are 6 levels. Level 1 is scrapes and bruises to level 6 there is a body part no longer attached. There are also tables that relate to specific areas such as the face, groin, chest, abdomen and things such as losing your digits (fingers or toes). Worried your PC might get a Blaster Cannon shot straight to the chest? Don’t worry because there are mechanics and rules to help guide you and your table through excessive amounts of damage. I snickered as the book walks you through rolling d3s to see how many toes/ fingers are missing or if you completely lose your leg. Just like in real life, body parts that are damaged affect those around it. An example of this is if you lose a hand your arm could be next. I really love that in each of the tables there are even more broken down specifics. Get shot in the face? Roll a d10 to see what part and if you’re blinded, deafened, disfigured or you reduce a stat. Mentioning reducing stats, page 19 has the cutest image but it also gives hilarious descriptions of what happens when your character has a stat that drops to zero. I think my favorite is “Dodging out of the way of a three legged tortoise is out of your range” (pg 19).

Within the Weirdspace ttrpg there is a recovery system in which your pc can only heal 2 levels of damage naturally. Healing is harder to do in the sense that characters can heal one level of damage at the beginning of each roleplay session. This isn’t D&D where your health all magically comes back. Here you may need synthetic organs, bionic parts, and medical attention to help make a full recovery past those 2 levels of naturally healable damage. I personally enjoy systems that make your character feel more realistic and remind you that you may not be a hero, but just some individual roaming the universe.

There are also some skills that your character can focus on to customize what you are good at. There are non-combat skills such as lucky, the ability to drive/plot, to have contacts or even gain stealth. Some of the quirkier skills include “GM’s GF,” “High Heeled Shoes” or even my favorite “Freelance Pharmacist.” Combat Skills that can be picked from include: pain tolerance, decapitate or even masochist. Again, everything is neatly laid out and easy to find as the skills are in alphabetical order by type. Pick positive traits (like you have a lovely smell that gives you a modifier) or decide what the aura color is for your character. Nobody is ever perfect, and neither is your character in Weirdspace! I had a blast looking at the flaws lists. Flaws (pgs 50- 55) don’t always have to be seen as a negative piece either, and as a DM I enjoy the flawed character where players lean into not being perfect for the fun and sake of story. Having an addiction or intolerance spanning to choosing the flaw of having a bounty on your head each brings something to the table that can be roleplayed or even used by the GM as a story element to explore. Go mild or go wild with what your PC has as a designated “quality” that can be used, abused or both. Bullet Magnet has tragedy written all over it. I found it particularly interesting that Ambition was labeled as a flaw for Weirdspace and that it has a timed limit to reach your goal before your PC started getting Xp and upgrade penalties; yet it was also refreshing as it brings the “you can’t be good at everything” to this unique ttrpg.

When playing a space themed ttrpg, why not play an alien race? There are many skills related to making yourself more alien in appearance and include but not limit to being slimy, having a prehensile nose, to types of claws to pick rom or even back wings that lean into playing the weird. Need extra loot space? You can even pick Marsupium or anal capacity. Do you want to read more about the aliens? Pgs 43-49 give some alien races and the alien based skill list to choose from in character creation. Author Paul Cat also included a great list of languages and where they can be found within the universe. There is of course "Universal" which is the common ground language between everyone but I enjoy that unlike other ttrpgs that give you a list of language names, here there are sentences to describe what each language is like.

There are so many things that your character can do combat wise in the game as well. Besides basic combat skills there are also sporting skills (with options as tackle and drop kick), Martial arts complete with a dojo list and specialized training that you can spend experience points to acquire new abilities. I personally love that players can spend their xp points to add more things to their character's abilities. The attention to details like this has really made me appreciate Weirdspace as a game system. As stated in the core rule book there is only about 10% of the universe population that has psychic abilities but don't let that dishearten you as there are still 4 pages devoted to this. Weirdspace also has a neat break down where each type has 5 classes to work towards and each type has very unique features. I love that even for a rare character they still found a way to make it where you can have a group of psychics and they all can be different (one can be mind control, another telekinesis and yet another pyrokinesis and that's still not all the options!).

If you are used to high fantasy ttrpgs and miss having a wizard do not fear, as there is still magic in space as well. Pages 39-42 go over all you need to know for ritual magic, enchantments, spells, hexs and even how to create your own magic. This is really the ttrpg where you are only limited by your imagination.

Tired of the traditional intergalactic smuggler options from other space games? Don’t want a party of knock off Han Solos? Then get a job! There are lots of employment options that can brig realism to your campaign or give your players different ways to get some side cash as hiring out skills. There is also the “Join the Alliance Military & See the Universe” pull with a whole list of military ranks and their pay scale per month they offer. Want to play that traditional space scum? That’s ok too. You can also become a Bounty Hunter and get money for taking down criminals.


Let’s talk about what everyone loves about sci-fi instead of fantasy- the use of equipment and guns. If you play Weirdspace you will see guns of all sorts, types and colors. From bullets to plasma you have a wide range of options to use. Weirdspace also makes it easy to keep track of all of this as pages 62-64 are all nice clear charts of the weapons by type with all the information you need such as modes, damage number of shots and importantly- is it legal to use? Guns in this game are upgradable and have a wide variety of modifications that you can add to customize your character's weapon. Even the shells and bullets used in these guns can be specialized. I personally like the Blaze shells with flamethrower effects for a shotgun. There are also grenades, missiles, canisters with hallucinogen effects and close combat weaponry. In the close combat weapons list I love that there is an improvised section that includes frying pan, shovel and severed leg.

Let’s go Shopping

The Emporium is not like your usual player handbook shopping section. There are adult themed items and clothing mixed in with your armor, shielding and drugs. This section was a stark reminder that this ttrpg is not for kids. A bit of our own universe has bled into Weirdspace with pages dedicated to Russian & Japanese tech respectively. There are also black market items and “Not the Black Market” which is the dark web where your game master can literally get you anything if the price is right, just expect to deal with the overly shady for those deals.

The Sci-Fi

There are a lot of cool features in Weirdspace that has tech for your characters to interact with and deal with on a personal level. Firstly, you can get “The Head” drive which allows you to download things to your character such as skills, entertainment, etc. Let it be known that if you do things illegally you deal with a virus table, and can I say getting an accent along with your downloaded skills is the mild virus. Bionic parts to enhance a character, from putting your backup personality into a hologram projector, and nanotechnology are all options that can be explored while your characters dwell through space.

Adding sci-fi tech to yourself isn’t the only thing you can do, as there are a lot of cool things in “The Garage” section as well. Spaceships, to rad cars and even tanks are options in Weirdspace. I also love the “Titanfall” feeling of having the options of building a One Man Walker and mounted weaponry. Not a rich character? There’s a d100 chart to give your second hand ship some personality. Each of your vehicles (car, bike, fighter, cargo ship, tank, walker etc.) will have their own Weirdspace character sheet as well.

The Universe

Weirdspace comes with some pre created planets to explore that expand from pages 113-189 with lots of things in-between. The planets are given some base information and what players can come to expect from there. I was a little surprised that there wasn't a grid or a consistent stat/info dump for each location but if you have some time to sit and read each location you get a lot of lore to give the players a place to explore.

Locations and lore given:

  • Caralho and their "religion" Tech-Heads. Has a map and some npcs with sats.

  • War torn Lectel with some maps and npcs

  • Ralia with 1 page map and npcs.

  • Emperor Nobrook-a one page memoir

  • Oceanic world Sonicia with 1 npc and a map

  • Lo-Tek, the world without electricity but has killer flora and Fauna. 1 npc and landing area map

  • Safari World is also "Zombie World with some interesting npcs and a map for your hunting area pleasure.

  • The A-Station- Earth's attempt for universal domination. There is a pretty drawing of what it looks like, a list of areas on board the station, a series of maps followed by some A-station type npcs as well.

  • Aardvarc- the artificial reality that is the horror of the future. This features electirfied fighting rings and AR games that can kill. I love the whole section "We're Stuck in a Zombie Movie" that gives you the complete details and rules on how to play this particular game. This AR game has a separate character sheet that can be found on page 151 & 152. I found it quite amusing that this character sheet was larger than the character sheet for the actual Weirdspace game. There is quite the amuzing "Bitten by a Zombie Table" as well for Zomball. There is also "Quadriball" and "Jammy Baby Flinging" which is exactly what you think it is.

  • Cronen & Ronin- What happens when King Arther and Feudal Japan are the settings of your planet. This is where you go for your classic Elves, knights and medieval fantasy fix. There is also pirates and undead. There are also npc stats for some of the individuals that can be found here. There is also a map and a magical item generator.

  • The Outer Rim- Chinese and Japanese cultures are the forefront.

  • Shinjimae- No guns because Demons are here to mess you up.

  • Offworld - ever heard the statement "It comes from off world." Here is your Offworld.

  • "The Big Red Swirly thing" where you can go shopping on this demonic world.

  • Hell Space and the 7 circles of Hell- Literally Hell in space. There are NPC stats for some some inhabitants and there is even "Beelzebub's Arms: A Traditional Demonic Pub"

"The Gm Section at the Back of the Book"

If you are planning on running a Weirdspace ttrpg game, this is the section for you. I do also think there is a lot of valuable information for players as well, especially those new to ttrpg (such as Roleplaying Terms on pg 196). I found it interesting that the “So What Happened to Earth?” was placed in this back section but I do recommend reading through the Gm Section even if you are just a player once to get more lore and rules.

Weirdspace was created by the author to be an open universe for the players to explore at their own whims. Paul Cat Gm’d his game without any plot or storyline, giving his players a setting (a planet, a map, a place) and letting his players do what they will all for the sake of fun. Just as in every ttrpg, the role of GM is to improvise and throw the NPCs needed to bring endless possibilities for your players to be entertained by. New to improvisation or not sure what to throw at your players? On pages 193 & 194 there is a list sorted by worlds with suggestions of things that can happen. This game is very much threat vs. reward and seeing what your players are willing to do.

This back section has a Q&A style faqs, talking about A.I, notes to the Gms who want to bring their own stuff into their Weirdspace campaigns (with great questions to help with the creative process), what happens to players who reach that Veteran stage (600+ xp) and so much more. Like most Dm guides you will find some religions listed as well. I will say that the stained glass art is beautiful and one of my favorite colored pictures from the rule book.

Weirdspace really doubles down on the weird in the section “Supernatural Weirdness” where it talks about adding ghosts, demons, angels, vampires, werewolves and zombies to your game in addition to the space aliens you have. Each are given “good points” and “bad points” along with the other information needed to play these characters.

The back of the book Gm section also has a lot of tables for reference. I think my favorite is the “Dodgy Doctor Table” found on page 231. I will say that some of the information that is in this section is also repeated from earlier in the Core rule book (such as the downloading skills & virus table on pg 235 and the 2nd Hand Ship Tables 245-246 for example along with another copy of the character and vehicle sheets). Other tables like the “Space Journey Encounter Table” and the “Random Planet Generator” Table are really useful Gm tools. Best of all there is an Index page in the back to help with searching for something specific.

Quick start book cover. Has the Weird Space title and a purple planet exploding to show yellow glowing in the cracks. This is a replica of the core rule book cover with the exception of QUICK START written in all capital letters in bright red on the bottom.

Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide is a 58 page document that includes an adventure, pre-made characters, and the basic game rules to learn how to play this space based ttrpgs. This guide gives over the basic differences in ages in characters, some basic information on the percentiles, basic gun & cover rules. The climbing mechanics, are also discussed. The Quick Start Guide also has page 6 completely dedicated to roleplaying terms in regards to Weirdspace. For the most part, those who are familiar with ttrpgs will find that the list is familiar with the exception that credits are money and wetware is the bionic or synthetic upgrades you can get for your character. I found it interesting that the combat rules come before the role playing information on the Quick Start Guide. The character creation starts on pg 8, giving players a chance to learn about the 12 stats of Weirdspace. There is a blank character sheet on pages 10 & 11 with handy charts on what each of the things mean.

Pages 25-27 you will find “The GM Section at the Back of the Book” which has some more of the information from the Core Rule Book. This section is essentially a small section on how to run your game that is going to be fun for you and fun for the people at your table. This ttrpg is written pretty well for a “go with the flow” attitude where players are free to go and do what they want to do. As written in the QSG “The players are the plot, the maps give an outline of the environment the players find themselves in, and they will do what they want to do to have fun” (QSG, pg 27).

There are four sample playable characters featured on pages 28-32 followed by a One Shot Adventure titled “The Prison Ship.”

The Quick Start Guide has a blank character sheet and a handy chart on what everything means on your sheet on pages 10 & 11. ``The GM Section at the Back of the Book” is on pages 25-27 with things for your GM to read through followed by four sample playable characters. The GM section is essentially a quick explanation of how to run your game and make sure that it is going to be fun for you, the GM, as well as the players. I highly recommend looking at sample characters for first time play throughs or even for reference when creating your own Weirdspace character. The four pre-generated character options include a captain named Mazen, the muscle of the crew Azulejo, Rizzo the Engineer and “Tiny” the orc.

Within this guide there is also a One Shot Adventure: “The Prison Ship.” The adventure is found on pages 33-46 followed by six pages of maps and black and white artwork. In The Prison Ship, your crew picks up a distress call from a, you guessed it, prison ship but your crew is not the only one who knows that the ship is distressed. The game should take between 4-6 hours and let your party encounter and deal with enemies and an AI system run by your GM. Perhaps some surprises will be in store for your party within the prison walls.

At the end you will find a note from author Paul Cat about what else can be found in the core Rulebook along with the Electronic Press Kit where you can get the contact info, about the author information and other social media related to Weirdspace. I especially like that there is information on how to find interviews and actual play podcasts related to Weirdspace as well.

There is a note from author Paul Cat on pg 48 about what else can be found in the Core Rule Book. There is also the electronic press kit where you can find contact information, an about the author, and some other social medias such as interviews and actual play podcasts relevant to Weirdspace.

I think that the Quick Start Guide does well as an introduction to the game. There is a bit of looking at table of contents for both the Quick Start and the Core Rule book as some of the placements of what goes before/after other pieces are not as intuitive as I would have liked but the information could still be found.

Independent Diplomatic Battlecruiser The Ganso. Title in white over a black background. Image is of the space ship Ganso which looks like a tail less sting ray of a light blue grey color with a purple pink strip on each wing tip.

Independent Diplomatic Battle Cruiser The Ganso

This nine page pdf holds the vehicle sheets, colored deck plans and ship based plot lines surrounding The Ganso ship. This manta-ray like vessel can hold 20 passengers and needs at least a 4 person crew. Ranking in with 200 hit points on the hull and 4 shields, your players are looking at a little over 58k credits to own this spaceship as their own. I love that everything from the fluffy dice to the landing gear is listed under the “on board systems.”

There are 15 ship based plot lines that you can use on The Ganso or to use as inspiration in your own Weirdspace game. My favorite from the list includes a polite telepathic brain in a jar.

Weird Space title page in black and white with the words 6 world teaser of the  in red above the title 36 world sourcebook Paul Cat in white. This is a copy of the future cover of the world source book.

World Sourcebook

I for one am excited what will become of this 6 world Teaser Tour as it turns from teaser into published book. This 31 page booklet has 6 new worlds with descriptions, details, plot hooks and some art for each of the new locations. There is also a d20 alien wildlife generator that teases what is to come. What I really appreciate about the generator is that its build in two parts; the first column is all about “it kinda looks like” to give you a base for appearance and then the second column gives you the “but with” description to help make it on brand with “Weird.” Another such table is for determining random encounters while traveling. There are NPCs/already made player characters as well in the form of Alamaco Jack, Mara, Rend, Doctor Graves, Second Hand Sam and Cass Lake. All of these people listed relate to a Weirdspace story featured before all of their pages. I love the character art for each of them and that each character comes with a completed character sheet and a separate biography page. When the Kickstarter goes live there are QR codes for the crew minis.

Adorable alien creature with large bunny like ears to the side, a cat like face and body with a long lion tail looking up at a bug and the text "In the full size sourcebook this will be a two page spread d100x1d100 table. This version is just a d20 teaser.
This line work group drawing is of the npc characters given in the book. From left to right you have a halographic man in a trench coat, an individual with the face of a puffer fish, a woman with a mechanic tail attached to her spine, a large alien creature cracking it's knuckles, A robot individual and a person with a half face mask and 4 arms.

Thoughts From the Fox

This is a ttrpg created for adults where the players get to explore the universe in whatever fashion they wish. This is the first ttrpg that I have encountered that has adult content explicitly in the rule book and dark humor + Gm bribes are encouraged. I was greatly amused reading through the rule book and have even suggested playing this game at my own personal tables. I think that using a percentile based system for this ttrpg was a great idea and makes a lot of sense. The simple readability of the rule book also made it easy to learn this system and I really liked that most things were a page or two each to make things not overwhelming to learn (as other large published ttrpgs have been).

Another thing of note is I like how genuine Paul Cat's is as an author. On page 4 you will find "A Note From the Author" and I think that it was a testament to how much this game meant to him, and I think it's safe to say that even though this book took him 16 year to make and that one is never truly happy with their art this book is still very good and I am excited to see some of the sourcebooks that comes out at a later date. This TTRPG is written pretty well for a “go with the flow” attitude where players are free to go and do whatever y’all want to do. “The Players are the plot, the maps given are an outline of the environment the players find themselves in, and they will show you what they want to do to have fun” (pg 27 QSG). I am all about games where the focus is on the fun vs. number crunching.

How to Get Your Own?

You can pick up the Quick Start Guide for Free here off of Drive Thru RPG. All of Paul Cat's work can be found on his Drive Thru RPG page here, which includes The Core Rule Book (for $27.00), and the World Source book Teaser. Now through March you can use this link to get your own soft cover for a special discount as a gift from Paul Cat. Some extra goodies that you can use in Weird Space include: The Star Ship Ganso, Your New Space station and the Vampire Vending Machine. There is even an Weirdspace Halloween One Shot titled "The Moonbase of Doctor Oh-No" that you can get and play through.

Want to support Paul Cat's and this amazing project? Check out the link for all the links for social media and where you can get more Weirdspace.

Weirdspace and all of its pieces were created by Paul Cat. Images on this page are of the title pages and from within the documents reviewed. They are owned by Paul Cat as well and used with his blessing. Core Role book was pulbished July 29, 2021.