World of Wyldrvir

Welcome to the World of Wyldrvir

What I love about Wyldrvir is that it is a story and role play driven TTRPG system. As stated in the introduction of their core rule book it states "Wyldrvir is made with the express purpose of fun, lighthearted escapism into a world where magic is new." If you are looking for combat or long grueling battles this ttrpg is not for you. If you want to work on problem-solving, social skills and looking for light hearted fun, World of Wyldrvir is something you should check out.

The core rule book was created by Beeba17 and Crowva.

What is in the Corebook?

The core rule book is a 40 page document that gives the information that you will need to run or play a character set in the world of Wyldrvir. This TTRPG is it's own system so I highly recommend reading the whole document to make sure you have a good understanding.

The core rule book is a pretty quick read and goes over the basics of what all DM/GM's and players need to know about character creation, the world and the lore. There are other documents in the google drive that can be used in conjunction with the core rule book but it definitely the best place to start. It is written in an easy to read manner, and there are lots of examples to help guide you through understanding Wyldrvir. This is a TTRPG of it's own world and standing and has its's own dice system that is talked about a little more below.

A thing that I will note is that this is a complete system, but a lot of things are left up to the creation and whims of the Dm and players. There is a great foundation for a game but there is no "right way" to play. The Core Rule book is a great guide into the world but is not going to tell you how specifically run your game. If you are looking for an expanding world where magic exists and a place to explore characters and new locations this Core Rule book will be something you will want to read, and perhaps Wyldrvir is where your next game will take place.

Character Sheet and Rules

The character sheets are fairly simple and easy to find your written responses on. There are 5 attributes that you will pick to create your character. Unlike many ttrpg’s this game is built for your creative mind. You can pick your own single word or phrases to build the character that you want. After picking your 5 attributes you assign a d4, d6, d8, d10 and d12 to build your character.

For me I picked:

Great writing/doodling skills d8

Literary Bookworm d10

Observant d12

Baker d6

Attuned to Nature d4

Don’t worry if you want to add more, as additional attributes can be added through play and rp. Any new skills start with a d4. Your attribute dice can also be increased through practice and play. As stated in the Core Rule book “d4 skill needs 10 uses (successes or failures) to become a d6, and from there, it’s +5 from the previous tier until the next time you can level up your attributes (15, 20, 25, etc). These counters reset when a new die is achieved.“

Any time you feel like your character could use one of their attributes you can ask to roll a d20 and add their attribute die to see if their action is successful or not. The Core rule book is really good about talking through DC’s, having mixed success and setting up your game.

A note from the author was also included into the Core Rule book: “While there is no concrete combat system in Wyldrvir, you can create combat-centric attributes like Knight, Skilled with a Bow, or Monster Helper, for example. This is completely up to you.”

I would highly recommend checking out Appendix 1: Character Quick start as it has all of the information on character building from figuring out racial and city attributes for your character to advice for making your “Backstory and Fluff".


The different biological races that are in the world of Wyldrvir are as human, unique or as fantastical as you would like to be. You can pick a race that had natural adaptations or someone who’s biology was changed through The Awakening. Some examples from the Core Rule book that caught my eye include Moon Eidolon/Elves, Stone Eidolon/Elves, Fae, and the Kobaloi. I personally love the Kobaloi’s racial attribute called “Bad Luck Charm '' as it purposely brings your magic score lower to bring the character closest to a wild magic surge. I feel like that would be the race I would personally pick if I joined a Wyldrvir table. You can read the Racial attributes and descriptions for yourself on pages 7-12 in the Core Rulebook.

The World of Wyldrvir

The main map of Wyldvir is quite simple. There are a variety of geological features (including a plateau, mountains, forest and a river) to help spark different types of exploration. The creative team purposefully left the map mostly empty as the idea of Wyldvir is exploration and that everyone’s game and map will be different for their personal game experience. Your GM and your adventuring party will be able to explore and create the world together based on the story you create.

Main City States

As stated before with the map, the world of Wyldrvir is DM friendly for those who want to sandbox their adventure and go exploring. There are 6 city states that are published in the Core Rule book with a variety of information based in each city. When going through the character building process I would recommend reading through the different city state attributes to see which area would best benefit your character.

What I enjoy is that each of the city states are so unique that it makes it easier to tell where characters may have originated from based on their attributes. Love blueprints and tech? Then Inoven is for you. There are Four cities based off the elements (Oaa, Shardelia, Meratoll and Cindir). My personal favorite city is Toren which is the very nature based city. GM’s are provided a nice description of each of the city states in the Core Rule book including some possible story prompts to get your players to travel/engage there.

The Core Rule book also has a section to detail what pieces are the same across all of Wyldrvir no matter which city state you visit. Don’t worry travelers, your Cogs will be good no matter which inn you visit.

Do you want to know more about the different cities that are on the map? In the Google Drive there is a “Traveler’s Guide to Wyldvir” for Oaa, Meratoll, Inoven, Torren, Cindir and Shardelia.

Do you want to go exploring in a boat? Try The Deep Seas and Scallywags expansion. There is also “The Wyldvir Metro Version 1.2” expansion that talks about the railways that are connecting the world.

Magic Lives in Wyldrvir

The lore of this world has magic as a new event that came to the world of Wyldrvir through the Awakening and the Worldsoul. Magic can be gained but start with a d8 or lower at start. If you are interested in running a character or npc’s with magic I highly recommend reading through this section to read through the mechanics and how it works in this world. There is a handy Wyld Magic Surge Table. As a DM one thing that I like about the magic of Wyldrvir is there is no specific spell lists. The example given in the core book is instead of learning “Fireball” you learn the attribute “Pyromancy”. As a DM, I like how flexible the magic is in the world of Wyldrvir, as you are no longer limited to a specific list. You pick the subject of your magical attributes and let your imagination (and dice rolls) do the rest of the work for you. These branches of magic let you play with the environment and the scene that the GM set in different ways.

Beautiful Beasties

A major piece of lore that runs Wyldrvir is that animals and other creatures are also tied to the World Soul just like your player characters are. This TTRPG was not build with a combat system or the intent of violence. I like that this game is made to use problem-solving skills and peace keeping tactics. It is best said in the Core Rule book “A Monster is not its own creature, however, a descriptor of any animal with so much Wyld Magic build up that it acts feral and crazed as a result. “Monster Helpers”, therefore, are not out to slay beasts, but instead to wear out these Overloaded creatures in non harmful ways in order to let the magic inside them fade to a normal level, while mitigating damage the creature causes to itself and those around it. Unfortunately, sometimes a creature’s magical output is too great to be controlled and must be put down, this is often the last resort.”

One of the reasons why I am most excited for this TTRPG is to use it within my classroom. The children in my classes (4-5 year olds) shouldn’t be using combat and weapons that are in 5e D&D to solve all their problems. I love that they will come across strange and magical beasts but the goal is not going to be to kill and fight their way through every encounter. I love that this game has familiar creatures like Drakes and Hydras along with unique pieces like the Alosue and Crestyl.

For humanoid "beasties" DM’s rejoice as there is a section called “Denizens of Wyldrvir” with some different races, pronouns, quirks and ideas to play with. There is also a list of the leaders from the different city-states for reference.

Beyond the Pages

Accessibility is something that is important for me as a TTRPG GM and player. Something that I absolutely love is there is a Dyslexia Friendly Folder in every section of the Google Drive to make sure that there are Dyslexia Friendly versions available for players to use.

Everything is available off of their Wyldvir Google Drive that has folders with all their free materials or their that has folders with their free/pay what you want model. On the there is the Anniversary Edition of World of Wyldvir core book, Expansion 1: The Twisted Bog, Expansion 2: The Frozen Throne and the original Core book.

Are you looking for a community? The World of Wyldvir also has a great community on their discord where there is an activist community to talk about the fantastic world of Wyldvir, see sneak peaks, and see what they have brewing in “The Sandbox” for new things to come to Wyldvir.

This article reviews the wonderful work put into World of Wyldvir. The art, images and quotes are taken from their work and all rights belong to them. It was a pleasure to have them reach out to me to review and write about their work. Please check out their work through their discord, Google Drive or