The Siphoner

Looking for a new class to play in Dungeon and Dragons? Tired of the magic classes available from the players hand book? Check out the Siphoner. This class was written by Matthew Arter (@DungeonMatter) and has accompanying art work done by Ina Koffen and Dean Spencer. This document is 12 pages long with a lovely Siphoner on the cover and 10 pages of great Siphoner anti-magic content (citations on the last page).

I love the way that Matthew Arter put the description for this class on DM’s Guild as “Do you live to control other people's magics? Do you bend their power to your will? Do you put yourself in danger willfully? You may be a Siphoner.” I personally am not a large homebrew/non official class type but the way this class was presented made me intrigued. Then seeing the contest and some of the other great Siphoners that were being built I knew I had to check it out.

What is a Siphoner?

The title of this class, “The Anti-magic” can be a little deceiving. The class is most definitely a magic user but the “Anti-“ comes from the idea that your player character's magic can really mess with other magic user’s powers. This class is unique where you absorb and reshape the magic of those around you. Within the class document you get a professional looking class complete with description and example Siphoner transformations. It’s a complete level 1- 20 class with a class-features and spell chart that looks like it belongs in the Player’s Handbook with well thought out features. These magic users are true living magic beings. Who needs a magic focus when you can BE the focus (check out Living Focus under Magical Manifestations).

There are three subclass Siphoners to choose from: Body of the Void, Body of the Wellspring and Body of the Surge. Each of these subclasses get something unique to that specific body type at levels 2, 6, 10th and 14th that truly makes your choice in Siphoner different from others.

Pages five and six of the booklet tell of the different “Magical Manifestations” that are available with the Siphoner class. Interested in what spells are available to Siphoners? Check out the complete list on pages seven & eight. There is quite the array of spells to be cast from cantrip up to level 9. There is also a "monster" block stack for an example of a siphoner of each of the three different body sub types.

Very basics of the Siphoner: the hit dice is a d8 similar to other magic users (bard, druid, cleric, warlock). Something that I enjoyed is that you can wear light armor as a magic user without taking penalties. The saving throws for this class are Constitution and Wisdom. An interesting point is your magic uses your constitution modifier, which from what I understand would make sense since you are siphoning hostile magic using your body a Con save makes the most sense.

What makes a Siphoner a Siphoner? You use the magic from people and items around you to fuel your own magic. You can use spells from your enemies, an area of magical effect (bye bye sanctuary) and the magic in items to restore spell slots to you and your allies. As a reaction you can siphon magic to regain your lowest expended spell slot (level equal or less than you proficiency bonus). This feature is used 3xs per short rest at lvl 5 and grows as you level up. This can be taken from magical weapons damage against yourself as well.

"When you give a mouse some magic." This was my siphoner Hero Forge submission to @DungeonMatter's contest in which I won my copy of The Siphoner.

Thoughts From the Fox

I'm going to start with this class gets two big fox paws of approval from this Dungeon Fox. Like I stated previously, I am big on published content and this was the first 3rd party published class that I can see myself using and happily allowing in my campaigns.

There is so much content in this document to help create something that is special to your player character. Each section has so many options to pick from or background possibilities (see Transformed: Not Born, Sworn, or Taught) that I would think that it would be very hard to have two of the same Siphoners created. It makes me excited that there is a new magic class with not only so much potential but so much customization. From choosing how your character became a Siphoner, to how the Pc's body reacts to magic (positively or negatively) there is not only an amazing amount of Role Play opportunity with this class but also a lot of power and potential. There are seventeen magical manifestations that are featured in this booklet and everything was well thought out and well written. The magical manifestations are customizable class features that you get to pick at 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 18th and 20th level. You get to pick your first two at level 3 and they are pretty neat to pick from. From transferring negative effects from allies to yourself, claiming dominion over magically summoned creatures and familiars of other magic users, to even making a small pocket dimension within your body there is endless magical potential for you to pick from.

I even had DM Bork look at it and he too thought it was well built. Going through this class has lots of great features, but is not over powered and well balanced. I will say that even the 20th level Mana Devourer even got Dm Bork to go "Holy Shit." Prime Negation is "Pretty Dope" and considering rogue get evasion at level 7, it's nice to see a magic user getting it at lvl 10. There are lots of great features such as siphoning magic on short rests to regain your own magical potential and that of allies.

I love magic users and there is such a great list of spells that are available for Siphoners. There is no healing spells but all that is easily remedied by stocking your player with healing potions. I am very happy with the variety of spells available and was pleased to see some of my favorites on the list.

As much as I love this class, I would like to think that this class is rare and unique in the world. To keep this class special and unique I would personally only allow one player in the party to choose it and only have a very rare few Siphoners in the world that this player could potentially run into or meet.

How to Get Your Own Copy

I was lucky enough to win my copy of The Siphoner from a Twitter contest hosted by creator Matthew (@DungeonMatter) for building a Siphoner using Hero Forge. If you would like to get a copy of your own you can get one here on Dungeon Master’s Guild for $4.95. It is currently a copper Best seller. On Dungeon Masters Guild you get two pdfs: the original and one labeled printer friendly. Do you use Fantasy Grounds to play your games? Then good news fo ryou. You can buy The Siphoner for Fantasy Grounds here!

Want to support Matt and what he does? Check out his Ko-fi page here. There you can find the Inkling, Pocket Golem and House Slime Dnd 5e familiars he has created as well. You can also read more about The Crashlands! A sci-fantasy TTRPG that he is writing and working on publishing.

The Siphoner Class on Fantasy Grounds