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How Not To Dm

Are you looking for a new podcast that has some ttrpg goodness? Give How Not To DM a listen. This weekly podcast is a talk show hosted by Derrick as he talks to “some of the greatest DM’s on this plane of existence.” I have really enjoyed listening to the different Dm’s that have come up on How Not to DM’s podcast. Derrick has gotten quite a few amazing DMs to come onto his show to talk tips, tricks and table top talk. I love that this podcast is all about talking to other DM’s and getting to know about them.

Each episode is under an hour long and there is quite the variety of individuals that are brought on to talk TTRPGs. Something that I personally liked is that there is a variety of different people from all the different wakes of TTRPG from homebrew to play by post, to well known and up and coming live play DM’s. Not only do you get to learn about other DM’s and hear their experiences, there is also a wide variety of resources that can be used as well (TTRPGKids, The DM’s Book Club, Brainbeast Studios, Arkenforge, Arcane Anthem, Feralborn Trading Company, Hope4TTRPGS, and DnD Compendium to name a few).

Foxy Favorite Episodes

  • Ryan from Dnd Compendium. Not only does he talk about really great resources I also loved hearing about his NPC “Ma '' and his theatre fight.

  • I am a huge Spawn of Chaos fan, it was actually because DM Russell of SoC got an interview on How Not to DM that I originally found the podcast and then started listening to other episodes. If you are also a “chaotic”, listening to Russell’s episode is fun.

  • Fernando and Matthew from Abyssal Brews were entertaining. It was great listening to them interact.

  • The season 1 Finale is Guest Host Rachel turning the questions onto Derrick!

The only critique I must give, though it is no fault of Derrek, some of the episodes I had to ship due to the amount of “ums” and “ahs” that the guest DMs said. Language is important to me when listening to podcasts. The majority of the guests on this podcast show were very easy and fun to listen to. There was never an episode where I didn’t learn something new, or feel empowered hearing other DM’s having similar experiences to share. I love the concept behind this podcast where DM’s share some of their mistakes and things that they have learned. This podcast has helped me think about my own experiences behind the DM screen and there has been lots of great advice to all DM’s in their various journeys.

Some of the Common Questions:

  • How long have they dmd for

  • World info without spoilers

  • What makes you love dming

  • DM inspirations

  • What makes your D&D unique or what is unique to your DM style

  • Favorite monster or encounter you've thrown at your players

  • Favorite non combat encounter

  • Mistakes you've made as a dm and what you've learned from them

  • DM communication and player feedback

  • DM pre game checklist

  • Epic gaming moments

  • Gives the DM’s a chance to talk about their projects

  • And much more depending on the session

Thoughts From the Fox

I really enjoyed listening to the different episodes of How not to DM. Any time there is a chance to learn tricks of the trade from other dungeon masters I always want to listen. Derrick has such a diverse group of Game Masters/ Dungeon Masters on his show that there are resources, tips, and tricks to help new and experienced DM’s alike. This is a highly recommended podcast from this Fox, and I learned a lot from the first season of this show. It was great to hear so many different episodes from amazing people and groups in the TTRPG community. I am very excited to see what this coming year has to offer in the second season of How Not Two DM.

More How Not to DM

Want more information? has the links to Discord, affiliate links and Guest Spots. You can also find How Not to DM in listening form on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Pocket Casts. You can also follow the How Not to DM Podcast on Twitter at @HN2DM. There you can find the TTRPG Question of the day and other TTRPG goodness.

I personally use Spotify and listen to the episodes during my commute to and from work. Nothing like getting inspiration from other DM's to help start off your day/evening.


I am super hyped that Season 2 of How Not to DM is coming January 12th, 2022. This would be a great time to listen to a few of the season one episodes, or re-listen if you are fan to get ready for the release of Season 2.

Season 2

updated 5/1/22

I will admit that when season 2 started off with Johnny Stanton I wasn't sure what to expect, but it taught me that Season Two was going to be full of amazing and pleasant surprises. Not only did it get me to like and follow a foot ball player on Twitter, there have been many amazing names that have been great to listen too including (but not limiting to) Guy Sclanders, Robert Hartley from Viva La Dirt League and many more "Big Named" people from the TTRPG space. I also personally enjoyed listening to our dear friend Joel of Midlife Dices as it is someone that I have had the pleasure streaming with as well. If you enjoyed season 1 I hope you came back for a star filled and just as amazing season 2. Be prepared for a new mini game that puts everyone's improv skills to the test.