Art Exhibit

What is Art Exhibit?

This is a solo journaling experience that was designed by Amanda Haller. Unlike other games reviewed in this blog, this one is not necessarily linked to D&D. However, since this is a solo journaling experience (and you may be able to find some D&D artwork to put into your exhibit) I have decided to include it in the blog.

In this solo experience you are using public domain art and other images to journal as an art collector. The pieces that you select go over a variety of themes related to human nature based on yourself, or you can even make an Art Exhibit based on a TTRPG character of your creation. There is a list of 14 different prompts to guide you in curating an art exhibit for the person you are embodying.

There are also lots of different open source museums that you can explore and use in this project. This means that the collection is a series of images of artworks that are out of copyright and can be used in projects without fear of copy right strikes. Please though make sure to give credit to those who made the original art piece though!

The Wolfsfox Exhibit:

There was quite a bit of fun that went into creating my own “Art Exhibit” during this solo journaling experience. My collection came from photos I have taken (I love photography), there are also some original art pieces created by some of my friends that have made it in. Many of the open source pieces I collected came from The British Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Smithsonian.

Art Exhibit- Wolfsfox

Thoughts from the fox:

This journaling experience will definitely not be for everyone, but as a lover of history and art I found that this particular solo journaling experience was quite enjoyable. Not only did I get to explore many different museums online (for free in my pajamas), it was also fun analyzing pieces to see what I could find to represent me with in the prompt guidelines. I feel like the questions were compelling enough to allow for a wide range of art to be curated. There were so many places that I could get open source art work that I was quite surprised at all the options. Google was a great help with finding lists of museums that I spent time exploring for pieces.

Challenge round: Bard time! I am a dungeon master that absolutely loves it when players at my table give me something that I can work with to bring their characters to life. This usually comes in the form of me asking players to complete a google form with some information for me to create with and/or a playlist of music that represents their PC (player character). I almost would love to do a session zero where I challenge my players to create an art exhibit for their characters to give me a visualization of some of the things they are imagining for their PCs.

Want to try this experience out for yourself? You can find it available on here for $5.00 (or more if you wish to tip the creator). You can also join Armanda’s Patreon page and get the game for free. Money a little tight? Every so often there are some free tickets available to claim the game, but consider rating it and promoting it to spread the word as “payment”.