Rick and Morty

Published 6/6/21

Ooh Wee A Dungeon

If you have ever watched Rick and Morty, you will know that it takes a mature audience to watch. This box has Age 13+ on the box for suggested ages but if you don’t like swearing, cursing, or Rick Santchez humor this game will not be for you. If you love Rick and Morty however, please enjoy this game to the fullest as D&D is presented to you “The Rick Way.” Rick is not a playable character as he is the one going through the module, rule book and the dm screen as the all powerful Dungeon Master giving his Rick opinion on everything D&D.

Basic Info

This box set has everything Rick and Morty you could want in D&D, from cursing in the basic rule book as Rick explains what D&D is, to a dungeon that you swear was written word for word by Rick Sanchez. Even the side of the box has Rick and Morty themed images and phrases.

What’s in the box Morty?

In the box set you get:

  • 5 character sheets (Beth, Morty, Jerry, Summer, and random “Meatface”)

  • A schwifty dice set of Morty shirt yellow with Jerry’s arm chair blue numbers

  • A Rick and Morty D&D themed Dungeon Master Screen

  • A Dungeons & Dragons vs Rick and Morty Rulebook

  • The module: The Lost Dungeon of Rickness: Big Rick Energy

The Accessories

The Dice

There is one swihifty dice set of Morty shirt yellow with Jerry’s arm chair blue numbers is given with the box set. It is a full dice set with 2 d20's for advantage and disadvantage rolls. There is also 4 d6's in this set of 11 dice. As dice is an important part of building your story in D&D I find it important that a themed dice set is provided for players.

The Dm Screen

There is a Four page DM screen inside of the box that has all of the basic information to help new dungeon masters run the game. Within the folds of the DM screen you will find information for actions in combat, conditions, setting Dc's for rolls, basic information for DM's that include cost of services, travel paces, light sources and cover.

I love that the box provides everything to make sure that new DM's have the information they need to run this game.

Usually a DM screen is sold separately and can cost at a wide range depending on if you are getting the regular dungeon master screen or a screen specific to a module. I also love that there is unique Rick and Morty D&D art on this dungeon screen. The outside of the screen has a complete adventure scene with all 5 characters of the Rick and Morty set and a wizard Rick featured in the middle. On the inside of the screen the monsters and characters shown on the DM side also have Rick and Morty themes. The size chart on the bottom right has monsters with Morty faces, and Rick is there as a DM explaining points of origin for magic.

Character Sheets

The box itself comes with 5 character sheets. The first four are of main characters from the tv show: Jerry as the half-elf wizard, Morty as the Half-orc Rogue, Beth as the wood elf Cleric, and Summer as the half-elf fighter. The fifth and final character is a character simply named "Meatface" which is another fighter character.

Each of the characters start at level 1 with a fully completed character sheet. On the back side it tells the information for each character's race, class and gaining levels up to 5th level.

With a game with so many references to Rick and Morty we were surprised that this fifth character wasn't someone like Jaguar or Birdperson. Even a tabaxi Squanchy would have made more sense than a no name character.

Rule book

I giggled so much reading the 64 page Rule book. As someone who has used the Starter Box Set this was quite the adaptation. In the Rick and Morty Rulebook, the adult swim character Rick comes through and puts his own two cents in about D&D. There is a lot of quality information in the basic rule book that will help any new to D&D players/dm's learn the basic rules to have a successful game. All basic text shown in the book is rules as written from Wizards of the Coast and each of the green text boxes surrounding those is Rick's personal interpretation of the rules.

The basic rule book has Four chapters: How to Play, Combat, Adventuring, Spellcasting. There is also two appendixes. App A is conditions and App B is literally titled "APPENDIX B: WHAT IS THE F***ING POINT?!"

There is a ton of swearing, cursing and plain Rickness that comes with this rule set. If you are someone who does not like swearing this is not the ruleset for you (and Rick and Morty probably isn't for you).

I will admit when I was going through the Rule book I wasn't sure how I was going to enjoy the Rick interruptions but I ended up being quite amused and I feel that if you are a fan of Rick and Morty some of extra interruptions in the reading does help new players understand some of the rules as it is explained in more mainstream ways for comprehension.

The Adventure (No major spoilers)

This is a very classic dungeon crawl with different areas and classic monsters to fight. The dungeon itself is very straight forward with 39 rooms total. Each room in the adventure module comes with a Rick approved description to read to your players. Map 1.1 shows the entire dungeon and the module is easy to navigate as you read through the pages.

The adventure itself is 32 pages followed by appendixes. There is also 10 pages of the monster stats that you can find inside of the dungeon. This is nice that all of the stats are here so you don't have to have a monster manual at had to run the module.

Overall Thoughts from the Dungeon Fox

This was a very fun game that was more about the laughs and references than worrying about having a serious game. In the hour and a half that we played we only made it to room 9 but it was a great time to be had. There were tons of laughs, lots of Rick and lots of dice rolls. It was fun to play as a character and do crazy things in a world that is nothing but pure Rick and Morty in a box.

This blog post reviews and has images of the Dungeons & Dragons vs. Rick and Morty box set. The Gamer materials are copyright 2019 Wizards of the Coast. This was also created in partnership with Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, also copyright 2019.