Wiz Kids Paint Parties

Published 7/25/21Updated 10/24/23

Update to The Paint Night Kit: 10/24/23

When the Paint Night Kits first came out I was very excited as it was a way to still interact digitally with the ttrpg painting community, there was fun Twitch streams and overall I was very happy with the product. I write articles because I want people to find joy and passions in the broad spectrum that is table top gaming and  all of its niches. In the recent kits I personally have been disappointed by what has been delivered as the new Paint Night Kit standard. No longer are there Twitch community streams or even many advertised paint nights at local game shops. Currently I am running a once a month paint night using these kits at The Gamers Den and they are the only Wiz Kid event within over 100 miles according to the Wiz Kid website.  This summer's kits, the Hellwasp and Oni, were debuted during Free RPG Day and then didn't seem to appear at any stores afterward. I still stand by that I think that these kits are good for beginners as it still gives you all of the supplies and the miniature to paint but I am lack lustered at the new videos being produced for those painting these kits at home. Where the Twitch community you got live streams with multiple painters, multiple angles of the min and could actively ask your questions as the event was going on; now there is a how to paint video that doesn't use the same kit or even the same model mini. The new videos do more talking and *pause here  to complete* than actual teaching of the skills and how to with the mini. In some kit videos, steps are skipped as you will see the mini doesn't match up with what was said or as a painter I don't always agree with in what order the video puts the steps in. Everyone has their own way to paint, and the more you paint the more tips and tricks you learn creating your own sense of style. It is the opinion of this writer that the boxes are a good tool, not perfect as the fine detail brush over the years seem to have gotten to be almost the exact same size as the multi tool brush, but I very much prefer to use the kits as a way to an end. I have now used the Red Slaad kit and the Boneclaw kits to run Paint Nights of my own, and next month I plan on teaching the Hell Wasp. I will continue teaching using the kits, suggesting students bring some additional supplies if they already have them (i.e. finer brush) but I have typed up my own directions in the order that makes most sense to me as I want my students to not only come away with a finished mini, but also with the skills learned so they can apply it to other projects in the future. I feel like a lot of how and why we do certain steps and in what order gets lost in the newest videos. It is my hope that Wiz Kids will turn these kits back around into the community building and skill sharing events that they used to be. I am glad that they are continuing to create kits but it makes me sad that they are not advertised/used/executed in the same manner that once made them so great. 

What is a Paint Night Kit?

  I love painting miniatures; for me it brings a sense of control and peace. Tabletop gaming can be a very expensive hobby, especially when it comes to the purchasing miniatures and all of the supplies necessary to paint them. I appreciate what WizKids is doing with these paint night kits. At the time of this posting there have been four paint nights- and three kits. One for a manticore, two for slaads (one kit  but a paint night for red and one for green), and a great big dire troll. The next paint kit to come out will be that of a zombie ogre for Aug 2021 and I am equally excited for that one as well. Some local game stores also run these events in store on the day/time of the paint parties as well. 

It comes with a lot

     In the box you get the miniature that is the focus for the paint night and the black start to super glue it onto afterward, two brushes (one general brush  and one for fine details), a plastic paint/water pot, all of the paints that will be needed to paint the miniature and the plastic unit that it came in can be used to hold all of the supplies and has 3 blister spots for paint mixing and a well for water.

Getting Set Up

     Well the good news is it doesn’t need to be the day of the live stream if you are busy.  All you need is something to watch the video that is available on both YouTube or Twitch, your paint box and maybe a friend to share it with. There is also a printable step-by-step guide that is available (and for some of the paint parties necessary to finish your miniature). I recommend having your well and pots filled with water  and having a cup of extra water to trade out dirty water. Wizkids.com has all the information that you need with links to the videos and the guide. 

Building of Skills

   Each kit varies in the different skills that you will learn. For example the Red Slaad  teaches basic painting and brush techniques, shadow, dry brushing,  and some fine detailing. When it comes to the Boneclaw you learn more intermediate skills such as dry brushing multiple layers,  creating glazes and mixing paints. The Hell Wasp you get translusent wings and you get to play around with glazes and making "stain glass" effect wings.

The Bonuses of a Kit

     Not only are you going to come away with a completed mini by the end of the paint party, you are also building skills for other projects. These skills are for novices and for those more advanced. The kits allow you to choose to do as much or as little as you are comfortable with as this is a learning process. There is also the bonus of keeping the extra supplies for future projects. I always walk away from a paint night event with left over paint for each of the 12 paint pots used. 

Pre-Party Reminders

This box is made for brand new painters with little or no experience. Those who have experience or for those who would like to have a more finished looking piece may want to consider filing mold lines with a file and fill in holes with liquid green stuff (file and green stuff not included).

It's also important to remember that painting is something that takes time and doesn't need to be rushed. If you want to take a longer time with the painting  feel  free to pause the video. If you need a break or a snack walk away and come back. Paint needs time to drive before you put another layer on it. There is no need to race or feel rushed. 

If you are participating the night of the paint party you can interact in the chat, ask any questions you may have or meet other cool people learning/enjoying painting. 

Why Green Stuff?

Especially with the case of the dire troll, sometimes when the model is put together there are gaps and holes between the pieces that wouldn't be there on the real creature. The dire troll had gaps along the neck line, arm lines and when you fill it with liquid green stuff it helps make sure that your paint looks smooth over those areas. It's essentially filling in where the machine should have had plastic when putting the mini together. 

Take Progress Pictures

    It's always good to take progress pictures to see how the different layers of dry brushing and fine detail work adds to the miniature. Some of the paint parties that are held on Twitch and YouTube ask that you share your work pictures on social media. Progress pictures also can be found on social media to look at and compare works. Some of the pieces that are shared have artist changes with the paint that make them unique to look at. 

Numbers Matter

I really enjoy the Vallejo paints that come with the kit. One thing to note is the paint numbers as some of the names vary slightly between the different kits.  As long as the paint number matches you will be good to use it. 

I was most impressed with the amount of detail put into this mini. All of the extra eyes and faces that appeared as you go through the figure all pop out with the additional amount of paint you add. Each head has its own facial expression and personality and there is so many hidden details that look so good with the dry brushing effects. 

My  favorite detail of this mini is the brown highlights in the legs, and the green color variation that they had us do from upper and lower parts of the body in the dry brushing stages. This figure also has lots of bumps and musculature that bring great character details. 


This one DM Bork and I did together as a date night. I love that the last details are optional and really made both of our Slaads very unique. I went with green stripes he did green freckles on his. 

Mainticore Paint Night

One of the things I liked most about this paint night was the fact the video just did the steps (12 min long) and you paused it to complete the steps  in your own time. 

Why the Fox Approves

     I believe in accessibility and getting the most bang for your buck. Miniatures are not cheap and neither are the accessories. The fact that for $25 you get everything you need for a paint night is amazing and I absolutely love the kits. The amount of paint that you get is quite a lot, and I have been able to use the extra paint in the pots for additional minis. The skills that they teach with the videos to go with the paint night are very good for beginners and I wish they were around when I first started painting. 

Want more?

The addition to Twitch and Youtube videos to go with the paint kits is relatively new. There are also Wiz Kids tutorials for the Beholdler with three videos on youtube, the owlbear, the young red dragon and the  Maticore all have one tutorial video and the 2020 Ogre Zombie also had a video tutorial but is also due to have a paint night this fall on Aug 15th, 2021.   

My Paint Night Tutorial Directions

 I personally learn best when I have auditory + visuals. As this author has opinions on how some of the kits should be run I have added links here to the Dungeon Fox Chronicles way of running Paint Night Kits. These are for you to use to help you paint the minis in these kits. Feel free to follow the steps or use the guide as inspiration. 

Bone Claw Kit

Red Slaad Kit

Ice Troll Kit

Death Tyrant Kit

Hellwasp Kit

Yeth Hound Kit

Yuan-ti Abomination Kit