Fox Zen Time

Published / /23

There are lots of things that I like to do in my free time, but painting miniatures is one of my favorites.  Many hours have been lost in the relaxation and joy that is painting ttrpg miniatures. I enjoy painting so much that I have been also teaching monthly classes at one of the local gaming shops trying to help others find the peace and enjoyment when it comes to painting miniatures. It doesn't matter whether I am painting miniatures for D&D, Warhammer, or creating pieces of terrain; painting miniatures is one of my favorite ways to prep for a game.

Why I Paint

Though I have put unpainted minis on my tables before there is something more exciting for me and my players to see painted figurines moving about the map. I enjoy taking the time to hand pick the paints and design the monsters adn creatures that I throw at my players. Painting is a way for me to relax and break away from the real world for a bit. When I'm painting the daily stress melts away and I find calm in the colors and strokes of the brush. Usually I put on music or some background noise (movies /videos that I've watched enough to know what's happening with out really needing to actively watch) and it is very easy for me get lost in the art for numerous hours. It's also not that I'm purposely loosing track of time either. I can be focused on one singular mini for a while and when it has come to completion after many layers of details I look at the clock and go whoops. 

    The fine details (eyes, multi layers of dry brushing, adding gore or adding physical pieces to the bases of the miniature) is also something that I take pride in know that those are skills that I have worked on improving through multiple projects. When I first started painting I got frustrated at mistakes and it took a bit to understand that painting isn't an exact science. Mistakes happen and I now am happy working through things to see how a mess can truly turn into a finished piece. Sometimes my creative expression does not go as planned and the mini needs to get dunked into rubbing alcohol (RIP neon pink ettin loin cloth) but even the most horrid atrocities have re-risen after a second shot. 

Painting minis can also be a social night for friends or a date night option. Dm Bork/Sleepy and I have done paint night kits together, but we also just enjoy being at the same table painting our own things while vibing. Bork and I also have held a paint night as a double date where we hosted 2 of our friends to watch the D&D movie (followed by the OG D&D movie) while we painted minis, monsters and terrain.