AD&D Large Box of Minis

5001 Dungeon Explorers

 The company Grenadier Models Inc came out with an Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Figurine series back in 1980 as an officially licensed product with TSR Hobbies. The box has 20 25mm scale pewter miniatures. 

Art Work

I love the traditional D&D artwork that is on the cover of the box. 

Small Details

As much as I hate horns on helmets there are some great details to the minis. The tree on the shield and the "writing" on the magic users scroll are two of my favorites. 

Variety of Classes

The box set has a variety of dungeon crawling adventurers including in this picture the Bard, Female Illusionist and Female Fighter. 

Hands Up!

I enjoy the different poses that this box of miniatures have. I enjoy action shots like the Cleric "Turning", or the Ranger about to take a shot. 

  A great big thank you to my father in law who has painted and cared for many of the original Grenadier Models D&D miniatures. Many of his minis have been well loved and the boxes fallen apart. He has still kept many of the original manuals that go with his sets. This was the only "pristine" box, but I am excited to share it all with you. Thank you SpiderWolf for letting me share your treasures.