Quarter Tall

Who is the Quarter Tall? Four really good friends who love to role play and hang out with these insanely fun and OP characters. All but one is very short, and Vyron makes up the height difference. They were originally built for a Lvl 20 one shot (see Legacy of Soloris down below) but these characters became so beloved by us that we couldn’t just give them up. There was quite a bit of banter, character development and scheming behind the scenes between us four members to bring this group to life. I would not be surprised if there is more chronicles to come for the Quarter Tall party.

If you would like to watch our game you can find it here on Youtube.

The Characters

Each of our characters were created by their player TJ for Vyron, Brandon for Raggle, Me for Fae and Lauren for Muriel. The amazing character art was done by Lauren and we are so lucky that she made our characters come to life.

Meet the regal Nightlin. At 8', 2", Vyron towers above all others, and that doesn't include the height of his ears! Add to that vibrant red markings, sharp claws, and large wings, Vyron is an imposing sight. But don't let the fangs fool you - his regal nature also comes with decorum and the utmost manners. A nobleman's grace extends to even his movement, and with his wings often worn as a cloak, he often has the appearance of gliding rather than walking. Vyron has found peace in righting his family's centuries of wrongs. He also finds joy in tailoring, making most of his own clothing.

Raggle is a halfling of unknown age or origin who seems more animal than hin. He happened upon the party and continued to follow them around until they eventually gave in and adopted him. He is a poor conversationalist and usually opts for short phrases or more preferably grunts. This circle of hybrids druid also has a big of a wild streak, sometimes resulting in late night/early morning zoomies through the keep, much to the dismay of his party members. Always the feral creature, he usually has one or more animal attribute compounding the shedding he leaves around the keep.

Meet Fae, a fun and tea loving Harengon originally from the Witchlight Circus. She measures the shortest of the party at 2‘, 5“. Covered in fur akin to that of an English Angora Rabbit, her ears are quite perky with her fur pulled back in blue bows. Though she is bipedal she absolutely refuses to wear shoes and is usually sporting loose fitting clothes, aside from her signature corset. Fae has calmed down over the years from feisty bunny magician but her tarot deck and tea cup from her Fey days still stay at her side.

Muriel is a hobbling 85 year old Owlin, but don’t let her age or sweet appearance fool you; she’s a tough master chef who owns a thriving restaurant. As the former Dean of Root, Muriel has decades of experience teaching young chefs and adventuring with mages at College Witherbloom. She’s got no qualms using her favorite wooden spoon to set ruffians straight with a dose of old lady tough love that's edged with a sharpness only a seasoned chef can muster.

Did you Know...

  • Raggle gets 2 am zoomies. Vyron, who is sometimes nocturnal, keeps an eye on Raggle to make sure he doesn’t escape the keep.

  • Vyron on is more regal and likes to keep things tidy. Raggle shedding is a pet peeve of Vyron. It is a team effort to sheer Raggle when he gets too ragged. Muriel will bake his favorite tree bark and seed cookies to help lure him to his doom.

  • Inside the keep is a massive garden. Muriel grows herbs and plants used in her cooking.

  • The garden also features little ceramic gnomes in the form of each BBEG (big bad evil guy) that the group has defeated together. Fae and Raggle play with them like action figures. Raggle’s favorite is the Beholder (and the eye stalks need frequent repairs).

  • There is a koi pond in the garden where Fae keeps her (stolen) fish collection

  • Muriel owns and runs a restaurant.

  • Fae has a list of Fey rules that she follows.

  • Muriel has a Fae/Fey food shelf where she puts food and snacks for Fae and her fey to “steal” from.

  • Fae’s class is Siphoner which allows her to use her body as an intraplate pocket dimension. It’s where she keeps her confetti, magic staff and other “magicians tools.” If she’s not allowed to take weapons or items into a location she puts it into her body and pulls out flowers as a “magic trick”

  • Fae has magic items to walk on water, difficult terrain and on any vertical surface.

Legacy of Soloris

It was an absolute pleasure for me to join in at a table as a player instead of the one behind the DM screen. It was fun to participate in four hours of fun with Kyle of Tasty Doom Podcast at the helm with three of my usual players beside me. The adventure was written by Carl Terence Vandal (@Heimdayl on twitter) and will be available for purchase on Dms Guild in the future.

The Story:

Vyron, Muriel, Raggle and Fae travel to the capital city of Soloris for the royal wedding between the prince of the Realm and the elven princess of Alderheim but come to a city of mourning instead of celebration. It seems that the king has been poisoned and the prince has left the city to go on a hunt to grieve. The party makes their way up to the castle and discover in the grand hall that the cup of the king had been cursed with “spicy” (necrotic) magic in the form of runes in the cup. As the party goes into the kitchen it seems that all the Kings cups have been cursed with those same runes.

Concerned that the high priest missed these obvious necrotic magic sabotages in the kitchen, the party made their way to the temple where they were to confront the high priest. In transit, the party passes the procession of the returning prince from his hunt, where the party watches four men pull a large arcane cage with a werewolf inside from the cart and place it on the dias of the town square.

The temple proved slightly fruitless, just more frustration and an angry Vyron. However, on the return through town teh party investigates the werewolf in the town square. Raggle and Vyron discover that the werewolf was the true prince transformed. Fae cracked open the cage with a lvl 9 dispel magic causing a mass panic to all the guards and townsfolk as the true prince is naked in the middle of town (Raggle demanding to know why the prince gets to be naked and not him, to which Muriel reminds Raggle that there are standards to living in the keep).

Vyron picks up Fae and starts flying towards the castle. Using charm person it is discovered that the false prince is not in the Royal wing as they originally thought but in the throne room. They quickly rush to the Throne room where they find a Faceless one crushing the green crown gem. Combat starts with Vyron throwing Fae into the room with a failure of a dominant person and Muriel feeding morsels to the party to start buffing everyone. The party took the faceless one down after taking some hits and Vyron demonstrated the true power of a bitch slap. The victory is short as the ground shakes leading into round two; fighting the massive monster that the crushed gem released. Raggle gets feeble minded and Fae became a bunny bomb using a necklace of fireball to do 48d6 (209) damage to blow up the big nasty before it could do more damage to the party.

You can watch our story on Kyle’s Youtube Channel for Tasty Doom Podcast here. The four hours that were seen on screen was just a small amount of the large personalities that each of these characters have. It is my hope perhaps one day you will see more of the Dungeon Fox Chronicles crew with these characters.

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