Community Characters

Published 7/3/22

Thank you for all of the amazing support that has been given to Dungeon Fox Chronicles. As a thank you I took the community suggestions from Twitter and created three 5e characters for you all. The inventory has been kept basic so you could use them as a base for your own games (didn’t want to put magic items that may not be allowed at your table in).


Char 1: Kelenis, a Level 3 Tortle Monk following the way of the Ascendant Dragon

Kelenis believes that he descends from a Dragon Turtle and strives to ascend himself back into dragon hood. He does not wear armor but his shell shows signs of previous battles (and gives him a nice base Ac of 17). As a Draconic Disciple he uses cold damage with his draconic strikes and his Breath of the Dragon ability as it reminds him of the cold of the deep ocean where he believes his kin still lives.

Kelenis has the background of Far Traveler. He has made his way through different monasteries trying to learn more about dragon turtles and his quest of becoming more like one.

Radbert Fyire

Char 2: Radbert Fyire, a Lvl 5 Leonin Cleric of the Light Domain, is the first of our wise and strong characters. Radbert was once the tavern keep and was pulled out of the mundane NPC life by accident and is now begrudgingly a town legend. They now take up tasks around town to help, as smiles of others is a great payment but every now and then Radbert is called out to the road, going along because someone is bound to need a heal. Radbert is no cowardly lion and will use claws & roar in battle if needed but prefers a pacifist approach when possible.


Char 3: Linden Lvl 10 Centaur Bard (lvl 5- College of Spirits) and Paladin (lvl 5- Oath of Redemption)

Linden is a firecracker of a lady. Whether using performance or intimidation she is determined to get her way. In terms of stats the dice rolled unfavorably as she is strong and charismatic but has a nine in both Dex & Int. This just proves that she isn’t always the smartest when picking fights but she is determined to win or charm her way out of things. She loves to share stories and ale. She happily tells Tales from Beyond and gives inspiration to her party members but is ready to attack at a moment's notice to protect those around her.

Linden hailed from the Witchlight Carnival and loves a good show. This centaur will always be a show hand at heart. She was good at carrying things and healing folks when acts didn’t go quite right.