Spot it!

Published 4/18/21

A Game of Perception

Now before you go DM Wolfsfox... isn't this a ttrpg blog... yes yes it is. Hear me out. This little can holds the true key to seeing if you have a perception like a rogue.

This game has proved time and time again that DM Bork has better perception and faster reflexes than I.

Spot It! is a card game published by Asmodee Group. It is a DOBBLE game that features 55 cards that each have 8 symbols. Between every card there is only ever one matching symbol. The tin comes with a rule booklet that also explains the 5 mini games that can be played with the cards.

The tin I have has 29 different symbols including but not limiting to candle, lock, knight, key and dragon.

The Tower

The goal is to gain the most cards from the middle pile, known as the tower. You have one card (8 symbols) that you are continuing to search for. In my opinion this is the easiest of the 5 games as you only have to worry about the 8 images on your card to be vigilant for.

The Well

This game is the opposite of the tower. Here everyone shares the same 8 symbol card in the center. Each player has a pile of cards in front of them. Taking the top card of the pile at the same time the players rush to be the first to notice the symbol that matches the middle well card.

Hot Potato

This game is best played with 3 or more players. To play this game you place the card given to you on top of your companions hands if you spot the similar symbol. You want to not be the player with all the "hot potatoes" cards at the end of the round. The person with the least amount of cards at the end of at least 5 rounds is the winner.

The Poisoned Gift

This game can be played with 2 players but this DM finds it is better to have 3-5 players. Each player is given a card and the goal is to place cards from the middle onto the piles in front of other players.


It is a match three games where you try to find the same symbol on three cards continuing this trend until there is less than 9 cards total left and there are no more matching sets of three cards.

Why is this at my table?

It is a quick way to pass time if looking for a different type of card game. During down time at the tavern one can pull out this tin and players can play a game or two for coin or fun.

It is a way to work on improving your real life perception checks and helps you work on reflexes.